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  1. A Rangers fan can theoretically vote SNP if they like. A jew could also have voted for the Nazi party.
  2. I find it more incredible that elected officials are conducting an agenda against a football club. If they get away with this, then what next ?
  3. A novelty auction would be good. Eg. £100 to reset the 'like count' of every poster with more than 25k likes.
  4. Lets get the language right because its important. SNP's James Dornan is a hate-filled cunt. Here's a second opinion, he's an ugly bastard too.
  5. A balanced response to sectarian hatred?..its crazy, but it might just work! 🤔
  6. Im so sad that we have upset James 😀..
  7. Far from being sectarian, ive always thought the famine song posed a very interesting and relevant question. I'd appreciate an answer in any form, it need not be in the format of a lyric to a Beach Boys classic song.
  8. It will be interesting to see what happens with both Goldson and Kamara now that the window has closed. Kamara especially so, as I would imagine the contract on the table will include substantially improved terms, over his current deal.
  9. The first game where we beat them away. Gerrard celebrated wildly into the Sky TV cameras at the end, because he knew then that we had them. Unfortunately the level of consistency required to win the league, would take another year.
  10. Sheffield Utd management rated him highly, and were publicly very disappointed when he chose to run down his contract. Steven Gerrard, one of the best midfielders in the world in his day, also rates him. He'll be disappointed with the start he's made but I suspect he'll get over it.
  11. I buy the unlimited package and i'm happy with it, but i'm surprised to learn that they don't offer per game deals too. They can't complain too much about illegal streams if they don't offer affordable packages for everyone's budget.
  12. Well done big fella, a memory you will never forget. Interviewer sounds like he should be on suicide watch..
  13. The closing of the transfer window will definitely help.
  14. Very happy with that. Decent opposition and travelling distances.
  15. If Furuhashi was getting half of the hate that Lundstrams getting from Rangers fans, then he would have plenty to complain about.
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