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  1. Would settle for any outcome that sees us progress to the next round, but ideally 6-0 with every goal mired in controversy. A mix of controversial penalties and blatant offsides.
  2. Fair summary. I agreed with Steven Smith giving Alan McGregor MOTM, but he wasn't all that busy,and the saves he made were all quite comfortable. The bheasts don't look too bad in terms of passing and movement, but they have a vulnerability and soft centre about them,that we can expect Rangers to continue to exploit.
  3. I don't think we should even take it,even if offered the opportunity to progress. Prove this was always about standards,and never about overturning an unfavourable result.
  4. He looked busy, it's difficult to say much more than that, he may turn out to be a player..he may not. I'm not convinced at this point that he's a better player than Greg Stewart.
  5. This is the case, brilliantly put. Short of the racist sitting down with his lawyer and signing a confession,it's the best case they will get. Now UEFA either needs to act,or fuck off, handing over control to someone who really wants to clean up the sport.
  6. I've just read Goldson's statement. I've never been more proud of our club.
  7. They really are mate. The cover up is in many ways worse than the original offence, and explains why the arsehole felt comfortable making the racist comment in the first place.
  8. I wonder what Piarra Powar,and his band of merry bigots at FARE are up to these days, now that they can't conduct their crusade against the world's most successful team? Destitute and poverty ridden I hope.
  9. UEFA are talking a good game against racism, and now we will find out if they are prepared to take action. You are never going to get a signed confession, but the circumstances here probably present as strong a case as you will get. He covers his mouth, because he has something to hide. The tie is dead, we have nothing to gain by making the allegation. As Steven Gerrard nearly said at the the press conference, UEFA it's time to piss or get off the pot.
  10. As much as I hate this kind of shite,I don't think walking off is the way to go. It would rapidly become abused,with teams walking off at their own discretion,for the slightest grievance. Teams that walk off should forfeit the game.
  11. I hope its true,and I hope it was done by his own team mates. Piece of shit.
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