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  1. Said we'd win title 55 this year by 12 points only. I should've had more confidence in the mighty Gers,bheast slayers.
  2. The big lead is important . If it had been tight I think we would have seen a run of ridiculous refereeing decisions to help them,even worse than normal. Also Desmond might have been tempted to splash the cash in January in order to turn it around. As it stands they are clearly beyond help,as they proved against Livingston reserves the other night.
  3. Definitely. It's easy to talk about how big of a Rangers man you are,but this man has demonstrated it time and time again by putting his personal millions into the club. Often money that he knew would never come back,and wasn't even sure would be appreciated, or that it would facilitate success. When it initially didn't, he dug into his pockets again. His money just gave us a chance to compete,and without it we could never have been competitive. Same goes for Douglas Park,George Taylor and George Letham.
  4. Well to be honest I've started my celebrations already. But in my defence its only cos I am concerned that I might not get them completed by the time the new season starts in August,if I were to wait until April or May.
  5. Many great defensive partnerships over the years were built on a big centre half who will win everything in the air alongside a more measured playmaker. Katic looks like he could be the ball winner.
  6. Footballing silverware may be out of reach for the mutants this year,but they must surely be in the running for 'best original comedy' for the Dubai chronicles.
  7. Its tempting to say that,but this is a rotten corrupt regime and it has to be overthrown.
  8. Good luck mate,I genuinely hope it works out. Would be absolutely immense.
  9. The 'one game at a time/not until its a mathematical certainty' mantra is for PLAYERS not for fans. The league is won,and its time to get the party started.
  10. Ffs that looks like wee Chesney has dyed his hair!..L'Oreal because he's no worth a fuck.
  11. Well done Kris Boyd,for having the courage to call them out on this. Doncaster is no more than a part of the Celtic PR department, and is incapable of holding them to account. Its just as well that it looks like we are going to win this league by a margin,because if it was close we would have seen extraordinary efforts by the SPFL and referees to get them over the line. Yes,perhaps even worse than Edouard guiding the ball past McGregor with his hand.
  12. So we only have Celtics word,as to who may have come into contact with Jullien. Ive little doubt that they will be fielding a strong side.
  13. Right. That mob were gathered on a plane on Friday.. cross infections may not have shown up in tests yet,and the game should not go ahead.Given the ridiculous decision by Celtic to travel and the predictable outcome,their troubles are entirely self-inflicted. The only fair option at this point would be a 3-0 victory awarded to Hibs.
  14. Breath of fresh air to finally have an ex Gers player with a pair of balls in the media. We have suffered pussies like Derek Ferguson, Billy Dodds and Gordon Smith before them menstruating their apologist views for way too long.
  15. The police should be looking at this. You can't declare that you are taking mental health and suicide in young men seriously, then turn a blind eye to this.
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