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  1. Was just saying this to my cousin earlier. He's copying in his masters footsteps. The more you shout the bigger the hero you are in such a degenerate place.
  2. Neil Lennon calling Steven Gerard classless Thank God for humanities sense of humour.
  3. Dave King that said it mate in this conference. Were they just repeating it or were they agreeing? Its true though. Gerrard is a genuine world name in football. One of the few English players who deserved their reputation. Nobody close to his status in football has been in our game for decades. I've always liked him as a player and captain. Commands complete respect from players, leads by example, looks seething with a draw, played at the highest level, has worked under top managers, knows all about the game, determined as they come, takes no shit. I think he's got serious potential. He's a wi
  4. Aye, think I'll miss it too as my sister is working so would be a bit of a trek from where I'll be staying the weekend. Thinking about taking the weans to the pictures or that Scotcart though so might still make it and take them afterwards. Good way to teach kids to respect our past. Same with things like remembrence day. Its unbelievable the sacrifices our forefathers made and yet I dont think a lot of people do anything. Even if Im in the house I have them standing to attention in front of the TV lol. It's the least we should do for all them heroes. Would be nice for the family members of th
  5. 33 years unbeaten at home. Same old Rangers, always winning Aye yer right about the stadium too. Am I right in thinking our disaster was the worse before Hillsborough? Can't even think of any others that came close.
  6. I remember that wee paper. Always full of stories about crimes in Yoker instead of about the cunts up to shite in Clydebank. Must not like the Glasgow boys or something Or maybe Yoker has more nutters than I remember lol
  7. That's awful mate. Sorry to hear this and may your brother RIP.
  8. Nice touch. Shame it doesn't say what day it's on as I'm home this weekend and have a sister in the area, so might have tried to get along. Anyone know? Also thought the disaster was the worse until Hillsborough. Is it not also Ibrox Park or stadium? Never heard of Rangers stadium. Where's this article from op? It's like the author is foreign. Hope they get a good turn out. Nice to see a council doing something like this.
  9. That's what I originally doubted about him thinking he was too nice and soft but I'm starting to think he's got it and might have more steel than we imagine. I think it's more passion that makes him look emotional rather than being soft. If anything I think he's determined as fuck and seems to have a good idea of what he wants on the pitch. It's just that he's decent and not arrogant like a lot of managers at big clubs that we maybe mistake it for a lack of bite. I think the harder image type of managers often rub players up the wrong way now anyway as clubs don't have the same power over play
  10. Don't suppose there's anyone on here old enough to have seen him play and give us their thoughts on him? Hope he recovers well and meets a few good bears in his new place.
  11. So now you're admitting he could be good but still moaning. What were you expecting, a 5 million man or something?
  12. Cheer up for fucksake. It's not 1999 anymore and these will undoubtably improve us.
  13. I'm happy with the recruits. At least we know what to expect with them and they know what' expected and the game up here. Not the quality of the past but should improve our options a lot. Just hope we can go on a good run and put some pressure on that lot to see what they are made of.
  14. Dickhead was the same with Scott Allen. Some just can't hide their bitterness. Not even a real fenian either.
  15. Can only assume all those clubs above us would suffer a serious decline in attendances if they lost all their star players, money, and were demoted to the fourth tier. Put us in an exciting league and we'd always be in the top five. We've had more 100 thousand plus games than most of them put together. We just lack a good league, money, star players, and TV promotion or else we'd still be above most of these. Anyone know how the Juventus attendance held up after being put down three divisions? Think PSGs is rotten considering they have such a big city almost to themselves and have
  16. Yeah that's what I read in the article. Strange to give a fitness coach the managers job nowadays. Will laugh if he does well right enough.
  17. Remember all that shite just because he was Portuguese
  18. Best of luck to him. Strange situation that mob have with current Welsh and our former fitness coach Adam Owen being the manager.
  19. Was it mcoist? I can' remember much about us now. Good memory if your were just a kid
  20. I was only 6 when Mexico 86 happened but remember it well because it was a really good tournament. Maradona of course helped to make it that bit more special. What a player he was that year. Impossible to be any better. No I won' be supporting England come this world cup. There is a long sporting rivalry between different parts of the UK so I couldn' bring myself to actually support them. Many Scots actually want to split from Britain but I don't go that far and like the UK. I wish them well at the world cup but will just support whatever team catches my eye and plays the best football.
  21. Cheers for the reply mate. Yeah you've described Pena very well. For us he has shown some good things going forward but his work ethic and defensive ability meant that he was always going to struggle here as the games are less open in comparison to what I've seen of Mexican football and a high work rate is especially important to us at the moment because we lack the quality we used to possess throughout the team. I like to watch boxing so always had a soft spot for Mexico. I loved the recently retired Marquez. Awsome and courageous little fighter. I also watch out for Mexico at world
  22. I think I remember that as well. Cheeky bastard
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