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  1. Just a feeling, like when we signed Aluko, Kamara, Mols. Guys that came from small teams and did well for us. I have some faith in our scouting and coaching staff.
  2. He hasn't had a chance yet and to put him on 0-2 down in europe is not a great opportunity for him to come on and shine as a new player. He will come on when we winning in the league. I have high hopes for this guy.
  3. Last three years we have been absolutely delighted to get into the Europa League group stages. This year we are looking at it as a consolation prize.
  4. Fucking joke, was looking forward to seeing the team run out in royal blue shirts, white shorts, and black and red socks. Who thought this kit was suitable for the Champions of Scotland? Do I need to buy a fucking pink scarf?
  5. Ref is giving defenders the benefit of the doubt every time. How often have we had fouls against when thet are trying to get the ball away from their box!
  6. RIP to a fine Rangers player.
  7. From the article: "According to Police Scotland, 42% of religiously motivated hate crimes are committed against Roman Catholics" What religion are the other 58%? And how what percentage of religious hate crimes are commited by the 14% of population that are Roman Catholic?
  8. Wright seems to have bulked up a fair bit but looks less mobile and slower for it
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