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  1. For the younger generation, Benfica legend Eusebio was good pals with Willie Johnston. I have been rightly corrected, Willie Henderson.
  2. I love that despite all the shit happening in the world, you have people that do this when you leave them alone with 2 dogs and a loaf.
  3. Can we not get the "crowd" singing "you're a bastard referee"?
  4. They must be like Russian Dolls.
  5. We are certainly putting the ball in the box earlier, would be good to see Itten or Roofe (or both) hit the back of the net today.
  6. 1975 here too, hope we get this feeling again soon.
  7. No good, that is us levelled it for the scum without them kicking a ball. They won't be worried about us at all.
  8. Literally looks like she is wearing two right trainers.
  9. Bird on RTV looks like she's got her trainers on the wrong feet.
  10. Otten looks good, Roofe looks short of sharpness and match fitness and Arfield looks like he has never seen a ball before.
  11. I hated Schiehallion, all false summits and big boulders. Heard it's easier to do in the snow. Nice at top, vertigo inducing and great views.
  12. I saw a worm on the road Crawling on it's belly I did not like the look of it So I squashed it with my welly
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