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  1. Ah well, fucking horrendous night. We were never in it to be fair. Too many off form.
  2. Camera work on Sky is shocking, not even following the ball.
  3. I'm going for C Itten as is almost an anagram of C Stein who's goal stopped Terry Munro in the 70's.
  4. Slack and half-arsed, Hibs look more dangerous than we do.
  5. They are still chasing us though!
  6. Piece by Chris Jack in today's herald, nice reading a change. Can't cut and paste but hopefully you can zoom in and read okay.
  7. Get Hagi on to hit a few shots from outside the box if nothing else.
  8. Although it would be nice to put on a great performance and win by three or four goals all that really matters is getting the three points and going 16 clear at the top. I'll be happy if that is the outcome this weekend.
  9. Would have taken a draw before the start in both games against Benfica but our lack of substitutions is a problem. Fresh legs on, fresh problems for tiring defenders and midfielders to cope with. Worked for Benfica; why are we not doing it?
  10. I do agree with one poster that Keevins, in general, is a speccy weapon though.
  11. I did not say that anyone was offended, I said that I was not.
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