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  1. Aye bro Granny's health has went seriously downhill today
  2. Poppers are a fucking god send tho I' getting as high ss possible off them
  3. Fuck this year. High as a kite a few hours ago now fighting back tears Fuck every one of those cunts
  4. Need away from work man I've whipped myself into an absolute frenzy about tomorrow
  5. Worst day of my working life the day after that
  6. Haven't been this worked up about a game in a long time Having a few beers after work which will settle me down or be the start of me getting on it til the game
  7. Jason leitch "The local health protection team in Lothian treats footballers the same way it treats workers in a call centre, or you in your media job or me." Guess we'll find out soon enough...
  8. No wonder people aren't taking the restrictions seriously, what a joke.
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