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  1. I'm a 60 year old curmudgeon and it made me proud as fuck.
  2. He's already playing for a massive club, or hadn't you noticed?
  3. 75 years ago these lads would have been making a glider to escape Colditz, just naw, they're only boys.
  4. You're no mug bud, you're the heartbeat of our club....No surrender.
  5. Alex Ferguson didn't win anything for 5 years, we need to raise cash to get better players getting rid now could be a Scott Symon moment, we're 4 good players from being a team imo , the football is fantastic at mes but these players buckle under pressure, it's not Gerrard's fault.
  6. Bet you've never been to Ibrox, I'm embarrassed for you.
  7. You're a disgrace...very taig behaviour very suspect.
  8. I'm sixty and I have blood cancer, my battering days are well and truly over lol.
  9. Sorry I don't do that level of ignorance.
  10. Can't make the game got a ticket for Govan rear centre, will need to be picked up from Tollcross anybody interested PM me. face value of course.
  11. Starting on the manager because of one word are we?
  12. Leftist, globalist Britain hating Muslim loving cunts. And that rat Bastard Thomson works there... well done the gaffer for doing an Arron Banks on the cunts.
  13. I like Katic and see huge potential in him. this prick is being developed for Forest while Katic must feel he's had his balls kicked.... Strange one from the gaffer.
  14. Encouraging Sodomites is against Christian teachings, I'm horrified and will be informing the club of my disgust.
  15. When the time comes we wont be found wanting, it's coming soon or we're finished
  16. We are being replaced, those boys died for nothing
  17. I lived in the Netherlands for almost 10 years, a little known fact is that families adopt the graves of our fallen hero's and tend them like they where their own families...the Dutch are different class.
  18. He would never get in a Walter Smith team as a full back, cracking player bags of skill but never a defender.
  19. Tea went down the wrong way on seeing the photo's, best laugh and coughing fit in ages.
  20. Hartlepool actually, they hung a monkey a couple of hundred years back, they thought it was a French spy, I kid you not.
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