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  1. For everyone that is saying its definitely a red and he doesnt learn etc, do those people think he intentionally stood/stamped on porteous then? I said in another thread that i had initially thought that myself until someone pointed out he was trying to trap the ball and now that's all I see. So just wondering if most people think it was petulant reaction or if folk know it wasn't intentional but still feel it was a red given he missed the ball and got the player. I'd also like to see the club do something about the double standards but not sure what can be done as no doubt any statement will see the club fined for "bringing the game in disrepute"
  2. Got to say I thought it was a red at the time and even watching back the replays I didn't see how it could be anything else. Then my mate pointed out that morelos was trying to trap the ball and I now when I watch it seems so obvious that's what he was trying to do I can't see it any other way. Of course none of the above changes the fact that Crocker is a fat fenian mess and his reaction is always over the top when it comes to morelos.
  3. Just because you can't follow the logic doesnt make it fucked up. It means you're thick. Of the front three that started Roofe was the form player going into the game. Of the front three that started only Roofe picked up an injury but according to you we can't take that into account when describing his performance as 'abysmal' You also said he was the most anonymous of the front three, yet was the only forward to win any headers all game, one setting up morelos apart from a last ditch tackle. Won three fouls for the team (just 1 less than morelos) as well as 1 clearance, was involved in a possible penalty claim (albeit very soft) and of 14 completed passes around 7 were in the final third. Now stats certainly don't tell the whole story but in this case they at least show he wasn't anonymous. Does any of the above mean I think his performance would get a pass? No. Do I think it shows he was making a decent attempt from poor service yes. Do I think an in form player should be labelled abysmal when we know he picked up an injury? No Hopefully you can follow all that as its the last im going to say on it. So whether you can or can't, whether you agree or disagree i dont give a fuck anymore. Enjoy your night.
  4. Roofe on fire vs roofe not on fire still does not equal abysmal Try to keep up 👍
  5. Well done son, took you a while but you got there in the end 👍
  6. Nobody's triggered just calling it as I see it
  7. Fuck up ya arrogant wank, I'm taking into account that one of our top performing players picking up an injury may have have had impact on his performance, hardly a revelation. You have no idea whether roofe was going to be subbed at half time, Gerrard said that he already knew he wanted Hagi on and the injury made the decision for him. Nothing to suggest it was because he thought his performance was 'abysmal'
  8. None of the outfield 10 got pass marks but thats different to calling someone abysmal, knowing that at some point in the half he picked up an injury
  9. Let's be clear I said he was decent for the limited service we provided him, in that when we did get the ball to him he tried to do something with it, didn't give the ball away much and nearly put morelos through 1 on 1. When he didn't have the ball he was still putting himself about. So he had about the same impact as morelos and did a damn sight more than kent who contributed the square root of fuck all in the first half. We then find out after the game he was injured and played a part in him coming off. Of course performances could have (and should have) been better in the first half im not suggesting otherwise. Neither am I suggesting you are writing him off but to call a player who has been a top performer for us in recent weeks abysmal in his first old firm game knowing that he picked up an injury in the first half is an over the top reaction. Its your opinion you're obviously entitled to it but its usually good practice to give that opinion taking into account the full picture
  10. I'm not making excuses for him I thought he was decent for the limited service we gave the front three. The header he won nearly put Alfie through but for a last ditch tackle, there was one where he had a poor touch and let Ajer step away with the ball but overall the few times we managed to keep the ball long enough he was linking the play well. Its generally accepted that old firms are different to every other game and players need to adapt, some will from the first whistle and some need to play there way in to it, so to say that it's excuse making for roofe is just pish I've said I thought he played OK, nothing great but certainly not abysmal. Sure we dont know when in the half he picked up the injury but I would think the guy has enough goodwill with the fans that we would accept it happened early enough in the half to affect his performance rather than just label him abysmal.
  11. Thats more than a bit harsh mate. With it being his first old firm he was unlikely to hit the ground running from the first whistle. Still, I felt he was getting involved and trying to link the midfield and attack but the midfield couldn't keep the ball long enough to give any of the front three decent service. Add in that he's picked up a knock at some point in the half too. Aribo on the other hand was abysmal. Not his first old firm either and was really looking for him to step up and be counted yesterday, but wasn't close to being good enough
  12. What a fucking result! As Walter said pre match there are various challenges you need to meet throughout the season, this was our biggest so far, and regardless of how it was achieved we've met that challenge! We Are The People 🔴⚪🔵
  13. Thought he had a good game today, good hold up play and created a few chances for us and would have scored but for a great stop from their keeper. Think that is his third start and he's scored twice, one was even good enough for goal of the month. He's also been singled out by the gaffer for his performance today, was his motm. Yet according to some on here he's shite and just not looked good enough!?
  14. Decent first half, I think half time came at the right time for us as it felt like our concentration was starting to drift a wee bit. If we can get a quick second that will kill the game off.
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