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If im being honest, he hasnt seen much of the ball, he is working hard but it looks like hes playing just infront of the defence, the ball is going down the flanks everytime and the fullbacks are getting forward leaving mendes to tuck back in to cover for them, deco is pulling the strings though. The hungary players are going down at the slightest touch

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He's actually playing well.

Seems to be playing deeper, more of a defensive midfielder.

He's been breaking up most of Hungarys attacking plays and giving the ball to boys in space.

Nothing spectacular, but doing his job and doing it well.

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On a side note that Liedson is fecking pish.

Liedson is overrated as fuck, he only turns it on every 3 games or so in Sagres.

But then again, i might be biased. pierre.gif

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Dont really rate this Portugal team very much.

Queiroz must be walking a tight rope surely?

Has Cesar Peixoto (left back) got a game at any point yet?

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