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hamilton had a goal ruled out

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Everything I've heard suggested it was actually a handball so you can't really critisise the ref for calling it right...

i know mate, just thought it was funny that a hamilton equaliser in the 88th minute at the piggery was ruled out by a ref with an O' at the start of his second name lol

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It bounced and it was going to a Hamilton player but his BROTHER also a Hamilton player got in the way and it bounced onto his arm, it was a handball

It then landed to the other Brother and he slammed it in

Boruc fucked the cross up good and proper :D Celtic were fucking awful today

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yup, on fucked up and ball hit his arm and fell to paxio who hammered it in, Boruc made a fucking arse iof the cross ;p celtic did not deserve that win

How come every game the fenians win they supposedly got lucky or didn't deserve it? Just seen the stats and they had 13 shots on target and Hamilton had one. Take off the blue-tinted glasses ffs.

2-0 the Gers the morro. :21:

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