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Are Italian managers perfect for English football?


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Capello, Ancelotti and Mancini.

Neither have been in England for very long(especially Mancini), but the signs are that all 3 will bring success to their respective teams.

Capello looks to have made England into a team who can seriously look at going very far in a tournament. Ancelotti(although slightly stuttering now) looks like he could win the Premiership in his first season(he only won 1 league title at Milan) and Mancini, although only 2 games in, looks like he can have them challenging for a top 4 spot in the long run.

Obviously Zola is the exception to all this, but it looks like Italian managers are the way to go in England.

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They gain respect more than anything, I think that's the big difference.

If you look at England and Manchester City, their previous mangers (McClaren and Hughes) they weren't the most respected managers around, and with big players you must gain their respect. IMO, they didn't do that.

When the likes of Capello and Mancini came in, they had a track record of winning trophies at the highest level and therefore instantly gain the respect of the players. Players will work harder, be more disciplined and in general be easier to work, when you have their full respect. It's a major factor in them being sucessful.

As for Ancelotti, I think he is simply carrying on from the very sucessful Guus Hiddink and adding little things here and there, IMO, the Chelsea job was an easy one to walk into after the job Hiddink done.

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