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the current EPL top 6

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They have made themselves very difficult to beat, which is exactly what you need to do in your first season in the EPL as a promoted side.

I'm sure even the most die-hard Blues fan will be pleasantly surprised at their points total to date, and not that far away from a Villa side that is supposedly a challenger for top 4.

The big challenge for McLeish will be to try to improve next year once the other sides have them sussed. Can he buy good players and improve his squad?

Good luck to the big man and his team, especially our former captain, and I would love it if McLeish were to finish higher than Villa, although a top half finish will probably do most City fans i'm sure.

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They've done a job, but they are pretty dreadful to watch on occasion.

They make us look like Barca at times.

The difference between the praise that McLeish & Hodgson are getting for the job they have done is incredible, especially when you look back to the way people (both fans & so called experts) berated Smith for doing the exact same thing with us.

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