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Fifa 11 Tournament


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Alright guys, I'm going to organise a tournament, we will need 8 or 16 players or even 32 but I doubt that will happen, so if you're up for it put your name down and keep an eye on the thread (tu)

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Round 1

McD (barrymcdowall X) Vs. MaxwellRFC (maxy88)

MurphyRFC (iHzT) Vs. Allzo (Allzo)

dezrfc (dez RFC) Vs. ryanrfc123 (iBoydie)

davieayrshire (Scoots27) Vs. CooperSF (II BioBomb II)

Millsyrfc1 (Millsy Ymt 1) Vs. the_gers_fan (craigmc26)

BroadfootsExplodingEgg (KevinKealy) Vs. HashPizza (SuperSc0tty)

Mansion (SGordon1) Vs. knl1990 (knl1990)

Murdie (Murdie1) Vs. barca-ger (expertsparky)

Try get these games done by the end of the week :)(tu)

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