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  1. Can you show me where I've "slated" Kiernan? Halliday more than done a job last season when we were light on numbers in midfield. This season though, we have a variety of options so he won't get as much game time as last season and IMO, we do have better options. He will still have a part to play in this team though.
  2. I'm just pointing out that your opinion has no credibility when you describe Halliday as "nowhere near good enough" yet defend Kiernan ??
  3. It's quite amusing that you defend Kiernan constantly, yet slate Halliday who you describe as "nowhere near good enough" ?
  4. Young Hardie and Thompson on the score sheets. Turning into some day
  5. I'm up for this mate! Sorry it's taken me ages to get back to you.
  6. Millsyrfc1 u up for our game the night? Btw it's the_gers_fan not the_gers_man lol
  7. Lol so long wait then! If anyone drops out mate then let me know and I'l happily take their place
  8. I'm up for joining this. Will there be another league after this one?
  9. Haha this guy doesn't give up! 1. Wrong section 2. No one really cares! But according to you, we're not REAL rangers fans as we don't stick up for our kind on a flash football game! Get a grip mate
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