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  1. Anyone got any information about the prices for NXT tickets at the Hydro? Fancy going but can't justify paying £100 for a ticket as I've seen batted around.. although that might be for ringside. Even then, it's pretty extortionate for NXT!
  2. TLOU is brilliant. Almost finished the Left Behind DLC now though so I'm quite bored. Think I might trade it in.
  3. I'm about 5'10 and built like a stick. We'd make a great tag team!
  4. Struggling to get into an EWR game but at the moment I'm just messing around since I've never played it before! Started a game with a WWE roster split and got bored. WWE has way too many wrestlers. Find myself using about 10 at the most!
  5. Also another EWR related question - is there any way I can move the application? It seems locked to the middle of the screen and I can't move it to the right hand side. Quite annoying as I'd like to watch things on YouTube etc while playing!
  6. Just started playing EWR for the first time and really enjoying it. Any tips for a novice? Seem to be putting on decent shows so far!
  7. Nathan Jones to end the streak inside a Kennel from Hell match.
  8. Haha aye, getting rid of them in time for the new ones coming in
  9. Anyone wanna buy on xbox: FIFA 12 NHL 12 Madden 12 WWE 12 Fable 3
  10. Steve Aoki stole the show at Tomorrowland in my opinion. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike were awesome too along with Swedish House Mafia but Aoki was fucking immense. Can't wait for the after movie!
  11. Anyone need a guy to stand about aimlessly and do fuck all, I'm pretty much shite at most things that are DIY related... if you're looking someone with the aforementioned qualities, am yer man.
  12. Just home from a night out and as usual while heading to where we normally get a taxi, heard a bunch of people chanting.. "The H*** are going bust!" I've never went a night out and heard a bunch of Rangers fans chanting but it seems these dobbers get a drink in them and think they have to sing a load of shite. Night out a while ago I heard them singing about the IRA.
  13. Trust me, I pretty much live off that and it does nothing
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