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bheggars want peat to resign now ?

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As much as peats a dick these cunts are gettin way above their station, about time they were smacked straight on the top of the head with a sledgehammer ! :sherlock:

Celtic to demand Peat’s resignation after ban revelation

president of the Scottish Football Association, George Peat

darrell king sports content editor darrell.king@heraldandtimes.co.uk

Share 5 Mar 2011

Celtic seem certain to call for the resignation of George Peat, president of the Scottish Football Association, after it emerged he was in attendance when the decision to impose a six-match touchline ban on Neil Lennon was taken.

The original suspension, meted out on January 11 by the SFA’s disciplinary committee after an outburst aimed at Steven McLean, the fourth official, during the Clydesdale Bank Premier League game against Hearts in November, was reduced to four games at an appeals board hearing chaired by Lord Carloway on at Hampden on Thursday.

Celtic are still awaiting Lord Carloway’s full written findings, but Herald Sport can outline the full facts behind what actually went on throughout the case.

Peat, who is to step down in the summer and be replaced by Campbell Ogilvie, is certain to come under heavy fire again from the Celtic hierarchy for his part in proceedings.

Herald Sport can reveal that, despite assurances he was only there as an observer when Lennon was originally tried, Peat actually went into the room along with the four members of the disciplinary committee when they retired to deliberate on what the punishment should be.

The SFA’s legal team, fronted by Ronnie Clancy QC, insisted under cross examination from Lord Carloway that Peat had no involvement in the decision-making process but, crucially, they could not explain why he was in the room in the first place.

At a four-and-a-half hour hearing the QC acting on Lennon’s behalf, Paul McBride, dismantled the SFA’s case – and asked why Peat was even involved as it was a matter for the disciplinary committee.

McBride also probed the reasons why the SFA would not provide him with all the fine detail, statements and evidence of previous ‘excessive misconduct’ cases brought against managers on a first charge – something he felt was crucial as it would clearly outline precedence.

He was left to find these himself in the media, but was denied the detail of what had been said by the individuals to match officials in order for punishments to be set.

These flaws, and Peat’s involvement on the day, led to Lord Carloway setting aside, in its entirety, the full hearing of January 11. Effectively, while Lennon always had a case to answer, key procedural matters had not been followed and, therefore, the case against him was absolutely flawed.

Lord Carloway suggested a new punishment be brought; a mandatory two-game ban for being sent to the stand, and an additional two for swearing at McLean. This was accepted by all parties.

However, a senior Parkhead source said last night: “The bottom line is George Peat should have been nowhere near that hearing but he chose to be there. As SFA president, it was argued he had a right to be there as an observer. But why was he in the room when the decision to hand out a six-game ban was made? Are we to believe he sat there and said nothing to the other people?

“Neil Lennon should have been treated in the same way as any other manager under the SFA procedures. Clearly, that was not the case. It was another spectacular lack of judgmnt from George Peat, and one the club will respond to when Lord Carloway’s full report arrives.”

Celtic released a statement in response to Lennon’s ban being reduced, which read: “Clearly, we are pleased that the Appeals Board has decided to set aside the SFA’s original decision in its entirety. We are awaiting the reasons for this in writing and will make further comment when this has been received. The new sanction imposed by the Appeals Board is accepted.”

But when they are given the full findings, Celtic are bound to demand why Peat – who has been involved in verbal spats with the Parkhead club over the past few months – chose to act as he did. Herald Sport understands that could lead to a claim that his position is now untenable, even though he is into the final few months of his term in office.


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He is leaving his post in the summer anyway, let's hope he fucks them over again before he goes

When has he fucked them over? They have got what they've deserved. In fact they haven't even got close to what they deserve.

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See next time we're appealing something to the SFA, do we need to run it past the beggars first? They seem to be calling the shots at Hampden these days, horrible pathetic cunts.

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He should do something to piss them off before he goes i know i would, should an artical inthe rangers news :lol: saying how much he hates the scummy pricks and how they tried and failed to run scottish football and are a bunch of greetin faced cunts with a picture of him with the Rangers squad out having a kickabout at Murry park :lol:

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