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Bigoted knuckledragger banned from z-list anti RC inspired web ring


The Daily Record can exclusively reveal that a Rangers fan was last night removed from being a member of a sectarian website. The incident took place at approximately 9pm and our source has advised that the actions of Mr Slinger was "an absolute travesty". Online onlookers were appalled at the threats made by Mr Slinger, who is currently on remand for instigating riots in Manchester after the Uefa Cup Final in 2008 of which approximately 13,000 Rangers fans travelled down to the friendly city.

Our insider witnessed Mr Slinger slurring insults against the catholic church whilst members were actively browsing through the sectarian site minding their own business. One Celtic fan has also came forward and revealed that he was a direct target of Mr Slinger on several occasions. Declan O'ffendheid 23 of Shettleston informed the Daily Record that Mr Slinger had called him a fanny in 1998 but he was too scared to come forward as he did not want 'the establishment' to force him out of the great republic of Glasgow. Mr O'Ffendheid said "I remember it clear as day. I was walking home on a Sunday afternoon and the gentlemen made a remark as I was walking past him. I'm not exactly sure what he said but I'm sure it was "fanny". He must have known that I was on my way home from mass therefore it was a sectarian insult to which made me upset. I had to take 3 days off from St Aloysios due to this bigot. He has ruined my life."

Mr O'Ffendheid now has 24 hour round the clock protection of which is paid by the taxpayer due to the Rangers fans bigoted insult.

Rangers have refused to comment on the incident but The Daily Record has managed to track down chief fans spokesman Abdul who advised the following...

"fuck the pope".

Mr Abdul was elected fans rep after a majority vote was elected in favour of eradicating the ibrox club of their majority fan base of bigots but clearly he still has some work to do.

Mr Slinger is due to be sentenced later this month, we believe it to be on the 29th of June, which so happens to be the same day that Declan O'Ffendheid runs a 135 mile charity fundraiser for Taiwanese Children of which an additional 125,000 other Celtic fans will also take part

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BBC Scotland has learned that a 60 minute documentary will air on June 29th from the BBC's Mark Daly of which he will reveal shattering info on the life of Mr Slinger and The Men Who Sold The Forum. It will air at 9pm after the Celtic charity fundraiser on BBC1

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What happened with gs today,was at work and haven't seen any of it?????

He posted a picture of himself naked except the new Rangers top in the bogtrotter thread and got banned.

I think it was jealousy by Admin because he had a big wanger.

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