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I’ve finally reached my 999th post and I thought I would like to make my thousandth post something more meaningful than the usual :p20: , doh or :21: - which got me thinking “what have I actually got left to say that I haven’t already said” – And just as I was thinking that, the site went down again, and suddenly there was a massive void in my life again.

As I’m writing this, the RM server is still down, and as I repeatedly click refresh, refresh - hoping and hoping the Bear’s Den will finally reappear, it just reinforces how important RM has become to me.

I shouldn’t really need to tell you how important RM is to me, because I know it’s the same for you too. RM is without doubt the best Rangers forum on Earth, and therefore by extension, the best football forum on Earth. I’m not going to slag off any other forums, but it’s blatantly obvious that RM is light years ahead of all of them. I know a few of you are still a bit annoyed with the latest upgrade, but believe me, you’ll soon realise that it has just taken a significant leap forward, and will continue to do so (the occasional server failure is just a fact of life) and those of you who haven’t realised that yet, well you’re just a bunch of head in the sand handwringers!

I’m a bit of a latecomer to RM – I’ve been a member for just over two years – but I was a lurker for a long time before that, and was a fringe player back in the old 606 days (back in the day when Auntie Beeb didn’t have the sour taste of Jimmy Savile in her mouth).

I’ve got some great memories - No matter what anyone says -Coffee Revels are still the best - and I PM’ed Boab to tell him that. Admittedly some of the grammer on here has been such a disgrass that I occasionally contemplated leaving (on Jelavic’s plain) if not permanently, then at least for good, but then I remembered, I was actually Salim Kerkar, and so I couldn’t actually do walking away, so here I am still.

I haven’t always agreed with everyone on here (like every family, we’ve got our black sheep), and I’ve had a few minor spats with one or two posters, but in my darkest hours, I always knew I could count on such stalwart posters as Gunslinger, GCL, SWSL, Ray, Comeoffit etc. to inspire me with their positivity and words of wisdom.

I know we sometimes give the Mods and Admins grief for not kicking Timposters out quickly enough, not moving OT’s out of the Bear’s Den, not locking threads quickly enough, (or locking them too quickly), but at the end of the day: Mods/Admins – You are awesome, I salute you.

But anyway, as you can see, the server is now fixed and RM is back in business, so I’ll end my thousandth post here, and let you all get on with sorting out Ally’s wardrobe, removing Terry Butcher from the Hall of Fame and getting those Wartime Titles properly acknowledged.

So now I’m looking forward to getting to my 1872nd post - and I hope that having reached 1000, I’ve finally got a wee star next to my avatar – I’ll be so proud.

Anyway, to summarise – thank you RangersMedia for being there when I need you (which is all the time). Thank you RM members, for maintaining my faith in humanity and for being the best family a bear could ever wish for.

You Are The People – Then, Now and Forever.

Edit: YAY! I've got my first Star! :peanut:

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