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Under 20′s Win At Firhill


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Popped along to this. Was quite enjoyable in the end.

We started slowly but picked up a st he first half went on. Thought McKay was just having an off night first half and Stoney was having no luck. Temps had fleeting bits of good work and Shiels kinda coasted through it, not making a massive impact but just playing all around the midfield and up top. Watching him up close, you see how intelligent a footballer he is, even though he didn't make the desired impact first half.

Second half, we got a great start, good wee finish from McKay, who picked up for the 10 minutes or so before being replaced. Thistle came back into it after that and Simonsen pulled off a cracking save from point blank range to keep it 1-0. Our second goal had an element of fortune about it but after that Thistle looked disheartened and the game became really stretched, with Temps and Tom Walsh (who came on for McKay) enjoying themselves. Third goal was awful for. Their point of view, terrible penalty to give away. Gallagher was impressive though outshone Stoney completely when he replaced him.

All in all, not bad at all, thought the younger us did well. Both full backs seem to have good engines on them and thought the centre halves did pretty well. Murdoch had a fairly quiet game. Temps had flashes of good stuff and Shiels did fairly well I thought.

Only negative was Hutton's injury, looked a bad one.

Well done to the lads

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