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  1. Anyone have any information on the 16/17s game down at Southampton a couple of days ago?. Believe the score was 0-0.
  2. I believe he was away for a day at the races.
  3. Todays results. U13 Rangers 1 Celtic 1 U14 Rangers 3 Celtic 0 U15 Celtic 3 Rangers 5 U17 Celtic 3 Rangers 0
  4. Gordon Smiths book " And Smith did score " is a really interesting read. Not your usual players book that is ghostwritten and bland. Didn't show John Greig in a positive light at all. Would recommend to all Rangers fans.
  5. Not doubting the financial reasons behind it but ffs i reckon i could win a interim, diamond, silver, catchweight title and i'm 55 with no professional fights. WBC & WBA, eight weight classes with the majority of casual sports fans able to name most of the champions. That's what i was brought up on, can anyone honestly say the current situation is an improvement?.
  6. Disagree mate. If you knocked him out you would get a split decision loss. Used to be a huge fan of Boxing (70s- late nineties) but would struggle to name a champion at most weights nowadays. Too many different organizations with too many belts have damaged the sport imo.
  7. How are they more intelligent than MW?
  8. jcb

    Walter smith

    The simple answer for me is yes. I always thought this season would be a transitional one and so far it is turning out to be so but we have to look at the situation MW inherited. He is rebuilding a whole new club (not team) in terms of backroom staff in key positions whilst working with a limited (in Rangers terms) budget. In little over a year he has led us to promotion, a cup final in which we defeated three Premier League teams including a memorable victory over Celtic playing some superb football on the way. We are still a relatively young and inexperienced team with i beli
  9. Different times my friend. The majority of the sporting press were professional journalists with years of experience and therefore avoided the sensationalist aspect that exists today. Currently anyone connected to either Rangers or Celtic can find a media gig despite adding nothing insightful to any serious debate. What other country would give airtime to the likes of McAvennie, Dalziel, Miller (Joe), Ferguson, Burchill Johnstone etc. Re- JW Had to compete with not only a very good Celtic team but also the best Hibs team i have seen. Add to that decent Aberdeen, St Johnstone & Dundee
  10. Spot on. I remember 2 games into season 77/78 (2-0 loss to Hibs at Ibrox) the "Wallace must go" chants at the end of the game. This despite the fact we were rebuilding the team by introducing several young exciting players at the same time. 10 months later we were celebrating a treble and Big Jock was a hero. Some things never change. The press have tried to ridicule and undermine MW from day one. He gives them nothing and they don't like it hence the delight at recent results.performances/ Lets not help them.
  11. Slowly improving with age. I now only turn the channel over when they are in our half instead of any time they had the ball. Only walk around the inside of my house rather than go and stand at the top of the garden. Worse was when we were going for NIAR. 1-0 up at Parkhead but barely hanging on for the last 15 so went for a shower only for my eldest boy to knock at the door "Dad Celtic got a penalty" he says.My heart sinks, every negative thought enters my head followed by a barrage of FUCKS!!. It was only when i stopped that the bold boy announced "It's ok Goram saved it". Cue grown man
  12. A weekend in Amsterdam with a couple of hookers and a cement bag of coke now seems so tame compared with a night in the Park Hotel. Keep living the dream my friend
  13. I.m with you and totally understand the angst you felt on Saturday. I won't criticize any fan who continues to attend away games, but for me i will buy an extra Programme and lotto ticket rather than give anything to those who wanted us dead.
  14. Police were called at 1.30am after concerns were raised for his safety. Tasered and died of cardiac arrest on his way to hospital. No idea basically.
  15. Dalian Atkinson has died after being tasered by the Police during a incident in Telford.
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