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why isn't this played


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Your 52 posts make interesting reading. Which pubs in Corby do you drink in?

i drink in many pubs in corby been to the last few Rangers nites at the white heart kno the whole noble family are good bears. pity the rangers club has closed down cuz i lived next door to it what else do you want to know??

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This post also caught my attention.

with the amount of money we have spent gettin through the championship should not be an issue most of the mney raised through the ipo should still be there waitin for us on our return to the top


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Haven't you been talking about our finances on most of your posts yet you say we have money left from the IPO when we get back to the top?

Maybe it's your broken English that's caused the confusion but your posts are reeking tbh.

when did i say we will still have money left from the IPO?

i said we should still have a majority of it for our return to the top

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