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Luis Aragones died.


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Played a massive part in building the greatest international side we've seen in the last 20years. Sadly he won't be acknowledged for it a great deal, outside of his own country

Remember an article recently which said Del Bosque had led them to all the titles they've won recently.
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I said the last 20 as I think the Argentina/Dutch/German sides of the 80s/early 90s were up there

Spain have won the last three major tournaments. There might be other iconic sides with players we all love and have a nostalgic fondness for but there's really no other team that comes close to Spain in terms of greatness + longevity since that Brazil side. Argentina were very good in '86 (and better than just Maradona) but they were loathsome in 1990, as were Germany. And Holland did bugger all at the World Cup. I'd say the closest are France 98-2000, but they're too short-lived.
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Great anecdote from Torres via Sid Lowe today.

Before the 2008 final, Aragones kept referring to Ballack as "Wallace." Eventually one of the players says "boss, he's called Ballack."

Aragones says "I'll call him whatever I feel like."

Then as the players are lined up in the tunnel, really nervous, Aragones winks at the Spanish lineup, turns to Ballack and says "Good luck Wallace."

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