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Amazing Gesture From Our Fans

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HUNDREDS attend the funeral of 'unknown' soldier Alex McDougall today in Nottingham in a fantastic show of warmth by the Rangers support.

Jim Hannah, fans liaison manager, attended the funeral representing the Light Blues to pay his respects to Alex on behalf of Rangers.

Lynsey Sharp, Scottish European and Commonwealth 800m silver medallist also attended the funeral along with hundreds of well-wishers who were touched by the story - many of whom were wearing Rangers strips and in forces uniform.

Alex served his country for 30 years - being shot at and almost starving to death on meagre rations.

Mr McDougall, who passed away aged 77 on June 8, was "married to the job" and has no known relatives or friends - which led to the appeal for mourners to attend today.

Staff from Beeston Lodge Nursing Home, where he lived for 18 years, appealed for anyone with a link to Chetwynd Barracks or the military in general to go along to the service and they were not to be disappointed.

In another act of kindness, an unnamed Rangers fan anonymously contacted the Rangers Development Fund and bought a brick for Alex that will permanently be at Ibrox.

Jim Hannah said: "Rangers fans from all over including supporters from Derby, Stoke, Corby, Glasgow and further afield were present. There were veterans wearing their medals attending too.

"Colour parties from 5 different regiments were present with representation from the Navy, the RAF, the Marines and local firemen in attendance. There were pipers and buglers who played the last post as the standard bearers lowered their flags."

Aisha Moreell of the Nursing Home said that his parents had died in a car crash when he was young. It is believed he was a gunner and toured Cyprus and Portugal and staff at the home believe he may have been awarded the British Empire Medal.

Ms Morrell said he was a “very proud man” who suffered from dementia and died from cancer. He was also a practical joker and often told stories of how he played pranks on his Army comrades.


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Well done to all who attended.

This is what makes us such a special and unique club and probably also underlines why we are hated by those who are not us.

This is the real Rangers. We look after our own and leave publicity seeking ambulance chasing to others who only do so to try and ingratiate themselves with all and sundry.

Our support for the armed forces is beyond reproach yet is somehow dismissed in this country.

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It makes you proud to be a bear, but it's also sad that in this country something like this can happen and does happen on a regular basis. No one that served their country should be laid to rest without having the proper respect paid to them.

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