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How long until we have any football political power or media influence ?

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10 hours ago, Gallows high said:

Granted we need to improve on the park slightly but that aside we are so far off the pace with our influence in SPFL , SFA and the Scottish media 

liewell has all his chosen people like McLennan , Dungcaster , Regan ( before he left ) , Fat Rod the former celtic lawyer etc etc

Mhedia all in their pockets - Gollum , Matt Lyndsay , thom English , speirs , “mickey “ , everyone at the Rhebel ( including jackass who was once a bear ) , roger hannah

and that’s before the useful village idiots like mutton and hartson 

the only people in the media defending us are Alex Rae and Chris jack at the evening times

cunts like Derek Ferguson and billy Dodds take the BBC shilling to slag us

the last issue is their influence over referees . Not even attempting to catalogue what’s been going on here as it’s extensive but again they have control over this narrative 

my view , it will be 5 years before we manage to get any form of influence in these areas 

we have seen just how little influence over things with this recent SPFL vote 




2 things . Jackson was never a bear, It's just being petty to suggest otherwise .And we will never see any political change in our lifetimes . That is fact sadly .

It will take men with balls at our club, to curb the tide in a football perspective . And so far that doesn't look like happening with our lot, anytime soon .

I sometimes wonder what would have happened, if Whyte never got control of our club . How bad would it be today . How many trophies we would have won past 8 years .


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I remember reading Fergus McCann's assessment shortly after taking over at celtic Park.  He commented that celtic "didn't have many friends" in the corridors of power of Scottish football.  That was a

Hopefully before I'm 6 feet under. Not that im planning that for a long long time. But tbh I doubt in my lifetime I'll see "our" sort control media and politics. The other mob played the long game far

Win 55 and we will regain our influence....simple

It's such a long game and unless the building blocks were put in place years ago (which they weren't) then we won't bare any fruit in the years that's forthcoming.

Look at the graphs and images that's produced of celtic's web of influence. That just doesn't happen over night.

For all David Murray's faults we were half way there with him (even if he still loved the dignified shite that got you kudos 30 years ago)

When he handed the reigns over to Whyte we weren't just set back years on the pitch, there was so much damage done off it and systematically set back decades when it comes to influence too.,

The real danger is, even if things change and we get so-called Rangers people in positions, do we trust them? there's too many "so-called" Rangers-minded people in Scottish people be it other teams (Demster at Hibs, Burrows at Motherwell, Lachlan at Ayr, Mackinnon at Morton, the Dumbarton chairman who's a bluenose etc) who still did not have the balls to vote against such blatant corruption as we have seen these past few weeks ...... don't get me started on that cunt Ian Maxwell and then you've still got the regular fenian cheerleaders in the media and airwaves - Gordon Smith, Barry and Derek Ferguson, Billy Dodds etc

What we really need is a change of mindset.

The majority of the fans are at this point (with the mindset) but there's still too many at our club and associated who are nowhere near it. 

Until that changes, fuck all else will.

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16 hours ago, The Widow's Son said:

I remember reading Fergus McCann's assessment shortly after taking over at celtic Park.  He commented that celtic "didn't have many friends" in the corridors of power of Scottish football.  That was almost three decades ago.  Things have changed but perhaps that change reflects the changes in Scottish society.  At one point, in my lifetime, our kind held sway - in the workplace, the factories, probably the unions and the boardrooms.  Not quite sure what happened but it's there for us to see.  One of the posters mentioned "the long game" and that's probably what happened.  

Good post  - not good reading but accurate for me. 

Add to it we were sleeping at the wheel for a long time. 

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5 hours ago, Johnnyren said:

Leckie is his column today saying Rangers are constantly pandering to the lowest common denominator . 

Leckie could be asking why the scum are avoiding child abuse claims, maybe it is religiously motivated and you can't touch a religion.

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The problem is that our club is not just a victim of a football stitch up, it is a stitch up that was welcomed (and celebrated) at much higher levels  in politics which has had a knock on effect on a politically controlled media and establishment. 

I always remember the story of Margaret Thatcher and Liverpool.   Basically a high ranking politician decided that Liverpool was worth targeting for political and personal reasons, and it was followed through, much to the detriment of Liverpool as a city.


If a whole city can be targeted by a single politician, there is some correlation and no co-incidence that senior politicians in strong positions could have, and would have a huge behind the scenes political agenda against a football club who had a tradition of stand against their values and beliefs, and would have manipulated a campaign against a football club, obviously much, much  easier than targeting a whole city. 

Quite simply, If a Prime Minister can get away with it, then so can a Scottish First Minister, a high ranking Labour politician, a football club with vested interest, and a lot of dodgy connections. 

And if the leader of a religious cult with more than a billion members, and worldwide influence politically  is a spiritual leader for those who dislike us, we really have a lot of powerful enemies to deal with. 

Just saying, as the above makes me think it might take a long time to fight against those in power who hate us only because we think differently.

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Controversial opinion, possibly, but I don't want "influence" over any of that shit. I just want the influence taken away from them. I want to win on the park and I don't give a crap about any of the rest of it - in my opinion it's power and influence that corrupted some within our club, that did damage to us internally, and it's the influence wielded by other jealous cunts that stuck the knife in us while we were down. It's corrupting and I want a clean game. I don't want anyone having extra power, it jest leads to resentment and spite.


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