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David Murray

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Is this just going to deteriorate into yet another cathartic wanker / wanking (delete as appropriate) thread or is anyone going to suggest something constructive.

I propose to take a positive approach by winning the Euro Millions and Lottery this weekend and buying out SDM and then investing heavily in new players. :craphead:

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I disagree - SDM arse lickin club - founder and only member (Gettit!!) so far

the thing that fucks me off with him now is if we are doing great he comes out with statements in press like (multi million redevelopement of ibrox) and casino pish ,but when we are not winning we hear absolutely fuck all. david murray has done great for us but sadly i think he has lost appettite for this great club and its supporters .its time he gave his pal tom hunter a chance to invest his wealth, david either put up or f--k off.

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I will reserve judgement until the end of the transfer window!

I will base my judgement over his achievements over his whole time at Ibrox (tu)

Well I wont live in the past, players don't get the luxury of living on their past glories at a club like ours!

the only thing that really counts now is the present and the future! If he aint delivering hte goods he should be treated the same as everyone else.

Our record over the last 10 years is not good enough, that is almost half his tenure we have been playing 2nd fiddle to the vermin.

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No shame in being a wanker.

sex is good but you can't beat the real thing

have you always hated this man or is it just since we stopped winning everything ?

I hated him the minute he turned his back on its supporters.

I hated him every bit as I do now when we won helicopter Sunday.

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