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  1. TamCoopz

    Widnes RL in administration

    Can’t wait to support an opposition team so I can shout at you telling you yer clubs deed
  2. TamCoopz

    Normal league allocation for Pittodrie QF?

    @Jeffrey I’m sure it was you that said that thousands should just go up there without tickets, don’t know if you’ve seen but that now seems to be a plan of some rsc’s 😂 you’re a genius mate
  3. TamCoopz

    Jakey Clark outburst

    Clarke’s post match interview was very pleasing 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
  4. TamCoopz


    Why don’t you ask her...it’s yer maw
  5. TamCoopz

    Carlos Peña

    You just woke up
  6. TamCoopz

    delayed transmission of the game tomorrow

    What time does your stream start?
  7. TamCoopz

    delayed transmission of the game tomorrow

    Majority will probably still have paid for their tickets mate, don’t think it matters whether they go or not
  8. TamCoopz

    Steve Clarke

    Nah levein is out there on his own I think 😂 deserves manager of the year for his rants and the fact he has an ongoing feud with Michael Stewart
  9. TamCoopz

    Steve Clarke

    That’s exactly it though mate, he’s saying after our st mirren game he wants the Defoe dive looked at, then when it’s his player he’s saying nah that’s it done, referee dealt with it
  10. TamCoopz

    Professional referees instead of VAR?

    Think he means they’ll be getting ref to check Var after every little thing that happens that doesn’t go for them, but I think there’s a rule about players getting booked now if they do the wee var signal so that should cut that out
  11. TamCoopz

    Steve Clarke

    What an absolute fud of a man, on stv saying the power/jack incident was dealt with on the pitch so should be left there, yet does press conferences moaning about decisions in our games saying they should be looked at and dealt with 😂😂😂 him and the taigs are made for each other
  12. TamCoopz

    Professional referees instead of VAR?

    We’ll never get a full game played up here if we have Var, be stopping every 2 minutes
  13. TamCoopz

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Video of them on Facebook exchanging scarves with Valencia fans, more of their ‘please love me’ bullshit
  14. TamCoopz

    Petition to sack Clare Whyte

    We can’t all just enter Clare whyte terry my man, one of us is bound to get caught
  15. TamCoopz

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    That boy clearly wanted that booking 😂 knows it’s job done so get the suspension out the way