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  1. Just stems from above, the fact they have so much media control says enough, horrible wee club that never get portrayed in bad light
  2. Sheep fans are just fucking vile but that lot are just brainwashed
  3. Aye thought he’d been done but hard to find after Sunday’s game 😂
  4. deals In place for mcgregor, Davis and Defoe, can’t be bothered starting a thread
  5. TamCoopz


    As long as we get 3 points on Sunday who cares
  6. This is the winner, close thread
  7. John Campbell shagged him
  8. I’ll keep a hold of your suitcase for you
  9. Tbf I’m glad their game is growing, and we’re getting involved but the standard is shocking. Still better than me right enough
  10. Woman’s football means nothing
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