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  1. I don’t want to talk about it anymore
  2. I’ve seen it a few places but he doesn’t want to go cause he has ‘unfinished business’ at Aberdeen edit- not seen it on ff because ff is pish
  3. That would surely be 4 L’s therefore incorrect
  4. You’d slurp the brown sauce out her arsehole ya wrong’un
  5. You ever clapped his dug?
  6. Let him pump my bird at the time and while he was doing it I got to clap his dug, great guy
  7. Aw I must’ve missed the photo where she’s got them out, cheers.
  8. Going by what has been said about barker, he’ll be too shy to be in highlights, but also probably has zero highlights anyway. But aye I hope to fuck we have much better lined up
  9. I get that the club will want the media team to show certain things but surely it’s not like ‘aye show they 2 Murphy goals and keep Brandon out the highlights and that’ll let folk know.’ edit: not slating Murphy either, would probably still do a better job than barker
  10. I don’t think it will put any doubt in their minds tbh, they’re scum and nothing will change the fact they think they deserve this title, also nothing will change the fact they’ve officially won it. Don’t see it having any impact here whatsoever
  11. 100%, what happens elsewhere literally means fuck all over here
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