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  1. there is no old firm Rangers are deed
  2. Rumour has it they were going to ask you to appear in the pride over prejudice videos played on the big screen?
  3. I did that last season and it was all online but the option doesn't seem to be there this time which is a bit of a cunt
  4. I'm only going to help the club out and eradicate the vile sectarianism from the stands. Anyone seen will be reported to my nearest steward so watch yourselves
  5. any idea on the deadline for renewals?
  6. TamCoopz


    He’s only had about 6 halves of football since September so that’s a bit unfair on Katic
  7. Sky usually does, think it’s on demand as well so can be downloaded
  8. Can’t be him I’ve just seen him in Dubai
  9. TamCoopz


    You should refrain from starting threads
  10. You get what I mean though? There’s people saying aw where’s his arm meant to be but it doesn’t have to be hanging out life that
  11. Could he not have moved his arm up to his chest just as he’s turning after jumping? Looks as if he jumps and turns his back to the ball but just leaves the arm out to make himself bigger rather than pull it in to his chest
  12. Catch 22 cause if he misses the replay there’s a chance we don’t go through so we’ve saved him for nothing, still think we can beat them at home without him, he’s guaranteed a yellow
  13. If any follow follow regulars are reading this, YOURE A CUNT
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