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  1. You were still called a nerd mate, don’t take no shit
  2. Coruna HAHAHAHAHAHA you clown. It’s all over the news and you can’t spell it right, and let me guess it was your phone that changed it?
  3. Haha true mate, like I’m gona rob this guy but not till I’ve righted a few wrongs on RM
  4. Even when you have your bank saved as a favourite, it doesn’t just keep you logged in 24/7 😂😂
  5. We shouldn’t see beating such a small team as an achievement imo
  6. It’s so sad mate, I don’t doubt some of our own do it with them but seems to be a bigger scale when they do it, posting tri colours and all sorts, fuck off back to Ireland then ya wee fucks
  7. TamCoopz

    COD Modern Warfare

    How long did it take to download? I’ve waited a good 2 and a half hours so far with plenty to go 😂 be a nightmare with so many using internet at the minute
  8. Some guy commented on the Rangers page showing this - “is this live?” 😂😂😂 edit- and going by the idots that post on the Facebook pages, I’m assuming he was deadly serious
  9. TamCoopz

    COD Modern Warfare

    This worth the crazy price tag these games have? About to buy it to play with some pals, unlikely to be today due to it being such a large file 😂 Edit- had already bought it but turned the Xbox off for now to let it load so forgotten all about it
  10. His big move to England will fall through so we’ll all be saying ‘mind he nearly moved to an English club’
  11. If it’s voided i hope they want their cash back and we can all watch them financially crumble
  12. This thread is turning into the way the rest of them have 😂 as @ForeverAndEver said, you’re tagging a certain poster then getting really annoyed when he gives the reply we expect of him, then it’s just back and forth bullshit between yous
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