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  1. We are 3/1 to win the "premiership". I think we are a decent price. Who should I pick from the English Premiership and championship for a treble?
  2. Too many ifs mate
  3. I would say its more Lewis being shit
  4. Its great to see. Especially after all the ding dongs they've had with each other
  5. Quality finish to the night. Its hard not to love Phil Taylor. Barney spurring on "the Power" for the 9 darter was fantastic
  6. Shite start to coupon
  7. I do my wee coupon every week. Not won yet due to no taking the draw Think Whitlock, Lewis, Anderson and Taylor/Draw last match. Undecided as Barney turns up one week and not the next
  8. Bump!! Who will win tonight?
  9. Hahaha
  10. If Negri wouldn't have shagged Porini's wife then it mighta been a different story
  11. Proved yourself to be a total fuckwit for bringing this up
  12. When I actually started to watch the football I would have to say big Dado also. If I had kids at that point I would tell them that's an example of being a grafter gets you they kinda rewards. What a hard worker with a bit of skill to back it up
  13. Look at it this way......say he comes to us on a 6 month deal, plays well enough and scores 15 goals. Would clubs not be monitoring his progress and try sign him?
  14. Anytime C*ltic play a "big team" they tend to drop Stokes. I find him to be the same kind of player that will play and win against the "smaller clubs" as Boyd. We've played in a few games over the years where we have relied on goals and Boyd has been there. Just because he wanted to better himself some folk on here take it as a direct insult to Rangers
  15. Anyone will do me but would rather avoid them! In reply to the OP.... "Healy sharp"? Really?