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  1. fair enough, u win ! lol. I was unaware of this and don`t relly care that i was !

  2. ye but nobody actually will say rangers were formed in 1872, its 1873 to the rest of the world.

  3. we we`re formed in 1873, just lettin ye know way the whole trueblue1872 thing goin on !

  4. Quality game today! Thought everyone had a fantastic game, not one bad performance. Weiss was on the ball today and easily MOTM, he was just quality today, keep him away from the left wing!! Miller hitting another brace, great showing. Only downside was naisy going off with, what looks like, a ham pull We're looking good, lets take that into the next few matches and fuckin rape the tims on the second. Time to go get pished!
  5. I dont post much anymore but this fucking shit makes me fucking sick. Fucking cunts.
  6. You would think this lad is god by the way everyone's going on about him. Posting plan times and such. Maybe we should contact rapid and get him fitted with a tracker so we can track him online. If it happens then great, if it doesn't I'm not that bothered. Just what DBBTB said, I lost interest in this transfer over a week ago.
  7. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/r/rangers/8801628.stm That just makes it sound like he's for the off. I'll be fuckin gob smacked if we sell him. One of the best players in the squad and has already stated he wants to stay a Ger. Just shows we want to punt every valuable asset. Joke.
  8. Far too attacking for an away game in Europe Sadly.....
  9. Two Champions League finalists in our team can't be anything but good though, surley? Isn't he a free kick taker too? Many of us, myself included, having been crying out for a decent set-piece taker for as long as I can remember. People lose form. Would you play pedro/jerome in a CL game if they were playing really gash? Best players must start, having CL experience is great, but if you're a shite footballer it means nothing..
  10. Blackburn it was . He never "turned them down" from what i've read. http://www.goal.com/en/news/9/england/2009...-a-priority-for TBH when the schalke deal fell through i think he suddenly realized that there wasn't anything left for him and he would rot in the reserves for a year. I think he's pretty dam lucky to get this move.
  11. TBH i don't think many people here actually watch French football and are up to date with his form. Myself included. We all know he was quality during his Monaco days, many people here linking videos and so on, but most haven't asked the big questions. What is he like as a player now? To be dropped from PSG must mean he's clearly not at his best. I hope he does well and actually gets a game. For now though I'm not going to get too excited until he preforms on the pitch.
  12. I think it's ridiculous that we've not signed a CB. What are we playing at? We are well and truly fucked if weir/magic pick up an injury..... At least we have cover for LMF (laff/naismith/miller/novo/davis/smith) They may not be the best options but all can do a good shift out there. We have nothing at the back and it really is worrying me now..
  13. :anguish: :anguish: :anguish: :anguish: :anguish:
  14. It's not really. We do not have a gifted left sided player for LM that's ready for the top team. Beasley wil never be strong enough, Fleck is not yet setting the heather alight (although, he's never a LM in a 100 years). Who else would you put in there right now? The guys very talented and worth whatever wages we give him. Also, remember Advocaat's old adage...defending starts from the front! Defense > Midfield. It's that simple. I'm sure if we asked every bear on this board, which area needs strengthening the most, they would say CH. We can live without a LMF at this moment in time. I don't think Weir can handle three games a week and I'm pretty dam sure Smith knows that too. We can rotate novo/Laff/millier/fleck/naismith and so on out there. Who the fuck can we rotate big davie or magic with? Our defensive situation is in a critical state. It's going to be our worst nightmare if one, or even both, pick up an injury/suspension.
  15. It really does baffle me if this signing does happen. We all know that midfield is the last place we need to strengthen/backup. So why the fuck are we attempting to sign a 31 year old midfielder that will be on VERY decent wages. Bain, Smith and so on all coming out saying there's no money yet they want to bring in Rothen? If true it's a bit fishy. Why the fuck are we wasting time on midfield when it's obvious that we have severe defensive flaws.
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