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  1. UB will be in BF1 for this, I'm sure TBO will be the same!
  2. New scarves arrived today, they sold out before even reaching our own forum never-mind here There is another order going in tomorrow, hopefully see them in 2 weeks.
  3. Aye, badges sold out within a few hours Although, there is potential there for a continual order/delivery for these if there is a high demand; which I imagine there will be. Don't want people missing out on them if they want one.
  4. BTW, UB scarf order was completed today! Should be here in around 2 - 3 weeks
  5. Points and prostitutes for me, Fuck the football
  6. Do you support the proposed legislation ? It's not just " uber fans " that are slating it
  7. I think you just like causing a wee fuss, eh ? I'll respect the guys opinion aye, regardless of how unrealistic it is!
  8. Well I've just told you; BF1 was, and still is the best option available. This section wasn't created so we could be seen on TV.
  9. That is a hospitality section, another non-starter. We're only 5 games into a new established section within Ibrox, which from what I've heard/seen, all group members are happy with! This " scene " isn't new to the people behind it, we've been doing it for years. Section BF1 was; and still is the best option available to us, otherwise we wouldn't have relocated there! If nothing it shows the potential both groups have when combined together in a section, if the club see that and offer us a section somewhere else then fair enough; we'll cross that bridge when we come to it! Until then, lets jus
  10. Are you a member of TBO ? Can't see anyone in either groups thinking the club would entertain that idea. The GW section has been designed and specifically adapted to be an away section! The club would have to spend money to do another section into the away end which they wouldn't do. As much as I would like it, it's a non starter.
  11. All the songs mentioned, have been sung in the section; every game.
  12. Stickers sold out 2 days after being released! If you've PM'd me on here, I'll get back to you tonight if there have some been allocated for you.
  13. Is tht ok to pick up the stickers this weekend mate ?

  14. Short answer, naw! If it was going to happen it would have happened by now. Everything is working fine and the section is running very well! Many teams all over Europe have more than one group in the same section.
  15. If your wanting stickers, PM me and I'll sort it out!
  16. The scarves won't be released for a while yet, taking production and delivery time into consideration I'm hoping 5 weeks and they will be available.
  17. Scarves will be ordered within the next week, hopefully! Making a large order on these and obviously have to cover cost on that, they will be worth the wait though! Lovely design.
  18. New UB stickers now available, percentage of them will be available on 1872 clothing within the next few days! We are however selling them at all Rangers matches, if you want to arrange to meet a member at any match from this weekend onward then PM myself. Bear in mind the last batch we had sold out within a few days, I fully expect these to be the same! £5 for a pack of 50.
  19. As the season goes on, there will be more flags appearing mate! That's the plan anyway.
  20. That's not what the groups are about though mate, if you want to sit next to away fans and give them pelters then knock yourself out!
  21. Fact ?? Fuck knows what planet you're on A good few of my mates in Copland heard us all game! I know from personal experience that you couldn't hear TBO from the Copland last season unless the full section joined in; which was a rarity! Graham Spiers even commented on it from his seat, which is further away than yours.....
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