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  1. Our attempt to meet with him was knocked back because of his busy schedule, and the RFFF won't tell anyone what they spoke to hm about! We will be handing in a formal letter to the front door addressed to Mr Green asking him to respond to the questions, and will also be emailing him it in case it "goes missing".
  2. The questions: Who are Charles Green's Investors? What plans do you have in place for the scenarios of being demoted to either the 3rd or 1st division? What is the business plan for the club going forward? How do you intend to make it profitable? Why are you theartening players with legal action over something they are absolutely right to be doing in the eyes of the law? What are you doing to convince players to stay? Issuing hollow threats in the media is not going to gain their trust or support. Do you have the necessary funds available to even pay the player wages on Thursday? Does the new company have a bank account or any kind of credit facility? If not, where is the season ticket money going? Are you hear for the short or long term? You have issued conflicting statements on this. Get off your arses and be there instead if sitting at your computer watching our club die!
  3. Look it's fucking simple, the rules are there to ensure that this passes without our support receiving anything but positive press. You know for a fact that the hacks in the media will be looking for the slightest instance of trouble to generate a story and put us in the headlines for the wrong reasons. Can guarantee those wanting a more volatile protest have absolutely no experience with how they work and how much beaurocracy needs to be overcome before it can be allowed. We've been working our arses off to try and get this all cleared and made legal, so forgive me if I don't really care much about a few folk wanting to be the individualist and not play by the rules or moan about something or other. The protest will be a success, the message will be heard loud and clear by our enemies. Just get yourself along and support your club instead of sitting at your computer trying to pick holes in the work of Rangers men trying to make a difference. Step up and pay.
  4. What's your alternative? Bust down the front doors, smash the place up? It will be you who does the jail time! Fact is we want to be allowed to make our point clearly and as close to the SFA headquarters as possible. You start becoming unruly on the march there and the cops would simply block off the route and slowly disperse everyone, making the protest totally pointless. And believe me, there's fuck all "tame" about anyone who has helped organise this, that's for sure!
  5. Just waiting on the being removed. We weren't aware of the other one being organised and so we'll throw our weight behind that one. It's all about unity, we need to pull in the same direction.
  6. Today the Union Bears call on ALL Rangers fans to unite in protest against he undeniable corruption within the SFA which has seen us fined and hit with a transfer embargo due to the actions of one man acting against the interests of the club. It has all but killed our chances of avoiding liquidation. The anger and frustration felt across the Rangers family needs to be directed squarely at the door of those responsible and that is why we urge everyone to come together this Saturday and show those within the corrupt SFA that we will not stand by while they try and destroy our club. We will fight them every step of the way. Time to take the fight to our enemies! No Surrender Union Bears
  7. He has the expertise and the money so he's fine in my books. I don't like the idea of a committee, too many heads banging together and to whole point of a committee is because not one of them has the money outright to buy us. That makes me worry about future investment. This guy knows how to run a successful sports business so i'd trust him much more than i would the Blue Knights.
  8. Rfc52, I know what you're saying mate, not everyone in the section is going to like everything that gets sung. The important thing is that you keep going with it regardless. There's times where I've been a wee bit miffed at song choice and the like but I still sing it loud as fuck, because that's what we're there to do. Regarding the Euro chants, I'm sure you appreciate that most Rangers/Loyalist songs are slower and that unfortunately there are many who don't know the words. The Euro chants are a good filler, they keep things going when it's beginning to stagnate around the ground and even in the section itself. I didn't think there was an awful lot wrong with song choice on Saturday, 90% of the songs we're traditional ones and we tried to get the new 9iar song going too. The capos have a difficult job, it's far from easy to pick the right song for every situation during the game as well as thinking what to sing next whilst starting or prolonging one song. All about opinions on here and away from the ground, but when we're all in the section those opinions should be put to one side.
  9. The Union Bears would like to call on all Rangers fans going to the game against Hearts this weekend to build on the fantastic atmosphere created against Kilmarnock and up in Inverness last weekend. The team need our support for 90 minutes EVERY game, and as the last few games have proved, it can be done. So bring your flags, your scarfs and your banners, and most importantly your voices. Get on your feet in support of the team and create the kind of atmosphere that made Ibrox famous. Give your all! No Surrender Union Bears
  10. Don't panic if you don't get any response to your email, you're definitely on the waiting list. As of yet we don't know what the situation is going to be next season. There's discussion ongoing with the club with regards to expansion to guarantee all those on the waiting list a place in the section, but as of yet there isn't even a guarantee that the club will be even operating season tickets next season. Be patient troops, hopefully things start becoming clearer in the next few weeks.
  11. The Blue Order don't have public forum.
  12. There's discussion under way with the club about expanding into BF2 and the signs are very encouraging.
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