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  1. BlueIsTheColour

    Christmas Day

    RM wishes all it's members a very happy Christmas
  2. Shocking as if someone isnt going to recognise him in that suit when hes out on the toon If he goes out on the town with that he's either going to get a kicking or raped by a massive black man.
  3. I love how he's blacked out a tiny part of his face as if nobody is going to recognise him. The only way someone won't recognise him from that picture is if he's wearing a fucking veil.
  4. Yes, but we managed to get those stickers on some pretty "handy" areas.
  5. Hope you make at least one mate. I should be able to get to one of them. Hopefully it will be bus distance. Germany would be superb.
  6. I've renewed but it is looking highly unlikely that i will get to many of the trips. Two is probably the best i could hope for but only if they are within bus distance.
  7. I could very well be joining them depending on how skint i am come next season.
  8. Student dis-Loyal, couldn't even afford the bus trip.
  9. 4's maximum though. Those of us who went to Kaunus will be at an advantage, assuming we were at all three this season. One good thing to come out of fkn Kaunus..... Ah right, i'll be on 3 then. Missed Seville.
  10. Fuck, i'm going to lose 6 points this season. Think i'll be back down at 4.
  11. The chances are OK, but it all depends on who we draw. Good explanation Gary, there are a few other issues that can be a bit confusing. Like some trips you will deffo get an independent ticket but only highly pointed members can get on the Travel Club flight (due to difficulties getting aircraft at short notice and in the holiday season, like Belgrade 2007). There has also been at least one trip (and I suspect more) where people on zero points were accepted on the Travel Club flights when independents with points were turned down. But I hate to comlpicate matters That's very true mate. Was t
  12. Excellent! Thanks for the info, Lee. How much for non season ticket holders? Not sure mate, may not be a reduction in that price. Think they are trying to encourage more season ticket holders to join.
  13. Nice one Gary, very well explained. One little note though, i hear that the cost of joining this year is to be reduced to £8.
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