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  1. Don't panic if you don't get any response to your email, you're definitely on the waiting list. As of yet we don't know what the situation is going to be next season. There's discussion ongoing with the club with regards to expansion to guarantee all those on the waiting list a place in the section, but as of yet there isn't even a guarantee that the club will be even operating season tickets next season. Be patient troops, hopefully things start becoming clearer in the next few weeks.
  2. There's discussion under way with the club about expanding into BF2 and the signs are very encouraging.
  3. That's an opinion of someone stuck purely in the 20th century. European groups have taken many of their songs from old British chants and adapted them. Absolutely nothing wrong with doing the same in reverse. It creates a fantastic atmosphere as that video proves. Something which "British football" hasn't had for a long time. You're possibly right, maybe our shitey football game doesn't deserve chants like these.
  4. Yes, if you've handed the form in and replied to our email then you're in the section.
  5. No. We did enquire about this, but due to the system the ticket office use they cannot accomodate any more than 5 people in the one friendship. Games at Hampden are different of course, and also SPL teams who sell directly to the fans. Good chance of getting everyone together for these games.
  6. .......... Yes, that would be how much the section holds. Glad it amuses you.
  7. If you don't currently have a season ticket then you don't mate, no. The club will contact you in due course.
  8. Contacted us about moving to BF1? Ithought you'd already done that and been given a seat? @ the other guy, yes include the fact you done it another way and what seat you were given.
  9. If you done it using the call centre you'll be shifted, there was a mix-up which led to folk being sold tickets for the section when they shouldn't have been. They'll be moved to BF2. You should have done it through us as requested. If you contact us through the TBO site we may still be able to get you in.
  10. We've now just about filled the section of 500+ seats, Looking very positive for next season,
  11. Have you sent the form in? If so then there's no problem, you're in.
  12. There's no real need for the groups to ditch their banners and join under a new one. We'll be acting like one big group within the section anyway so keeping our own identities is fine. We're just happy that such a big change has been allowed by the club. It might not be front and centre in the Copland but it's a section that both groups can finally call their own and grow within.
  13. As i said mate, everyone in the section will be moved the corner for those games.
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