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  1. We still have a few CDL lads that sit in our section, they've not made their plans clear at all as to what's happening. It would be good to see but I don't really see anything coming from them soon tbh. 90% of the Govan Front Bears moved up to our section aswel! We have very strong numbers this season.
  2. The tarriers have had, and still do have a few more groups than we do. Rangers have two, which IMO is not " far too many "
  3. Obviously they've not got the full stadium ffs. Their ultras section is growing rapidly though and widely regarded as the best in the UK, by a long way.
  4. Celtic now have their own Ultras section, and they are growing every game. Putting pressure on Rangers is the only way.
  5. Rangersgary keeps texting me pictures of his cock. It's a beauty.
  6. similar ?! its exactly the same good choice of badge tho It's not exactly the same, they use a P instead of an R.
  7. The Partizan Belgrade ultras group " Grobari " use a similar one aswell!
  8. Regardless; a youtube video means for fuck all! It can make any player look good. Just type in " Filip Sebo " for example
  9. Is it too ridiculous to suggest that people may actually be appalled at both ? Don't see any need at all to draw comparisons.
  10. On a side note, have a browse through the bear shop whilst your on. It is back up and running full time now with a new owner. There are some excellent designs on there and I can personally vouch for the quality as being superb!
  11. Just a wee heads up! Our new UB stickers are now on sale and can be bought from the link below, alternatively PM me and I will arrange someone to meet you at any game. All proceeds from these go to making displays possible, Cheers. http://bearsshop.co.uk/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=18
  12. " Show us where ye pish fae " DavidCR1 can confirm this doesn't work!
  13. Got one through this morning and gave it to my old man! Everyone will be cutting about in these now
  14. bwahahahahah ! Still available for £40 if you've got feet like a p7 girl and are a size 6! Never once had my size when they were £30 though, cunts.
  15. It was me that went up and ripped it off the wee cunt. Superb! I only heard someone took it off him, didn't know it was you ya lanky prick
  16. Guilty by association, as per. Greatest fans in the world and all that.....
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