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  1. Paddy McNair

    Sorry not you fella your not my type
  2. Paddy McNair

    The only possibility of us affording him would be if he had a relegation release clause ;)
  3. Paddy McNair

    The young man playing for a Sunderland team who are destined for the drop again. Lmao maybe he has a relegation release clause :/
  4. Thats the first decision douglas ross has given Rangers this season. Infact when they shown him as linesman and shohting red card i thought it was our player going off. Tbh he got that call 100% right.
  5. John Beaton the ref for Saturday

    The Linesman is a wank, Douglas Ross (Moray MP) He's actually swayed the ref's decisions in a few of our games. Most noticeably the game V's the sheep at Pittodrie when Jack Was Sent off.
  6. 15 with a sell on clause.... lol
  7. Liam Miller

    Such Sad news, at 36 such a young age.
  8. i was just starting to wonder that myself..... Did gunslinger ever re appear under an alias?
  9. Rangers Colt team could be in League 2 from next season

    Lol did you like elgin away
  10. Nacho Novo

    terrible news :( Get well soon
  11. Who is on the Flight........so far

    He Is going by the pics :)
  12. Lmao the board are more likely hoping that warnock will want to come up then ;) Neil would be a horrendous appointment
  13. Pedro Caxinha: Stay or go?

    I Think Pedro needs a season at least to build momentum. The euro qualifier was unfortunate timings with new signings being unavailable or unfit.