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  1. Lol f@ck him off too then, I thought he hadn't done too bad when he's played
  2. I would add bates, beerman and hodson to that list
  3. To be fair same can be said about the whole team today. Shocking performances by all
  4. RIP Big Man...
  5. Sorry folks tickets are sold to liviger
  6. Once again due to work commitments I'll be unable to attend so have 2 tickets available 25 each plus P&P
  7. Thanks for the input ;)
  8. What's 29?
  9. I know this is a severe long shot but would anyone be willing to swap 2 semi tickets for 2 tickets v's the scum the following week at home. I cant make the home game the following week due to work :( I'll pay the difference plus... Thanks in advance :)
  10. R.I.P. Bob.
  11. Could be murty, ferguson, Rae lol could be anyone
  12. We could do a lot worse, even as some part of the coaching team with millar and murty
  13. Lmao divide and conquer strikes again. I'll judge the manager on performances not what his ex bosses made him say years ago
  14. Lmao especially the bloody board. They are as clueless.
  15. No problem gents hope you enjoy the game.