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  1. I'm sure that was the case. When we needed the money the sfa took it and fucked us even more.
  2. Did all the incoming money not go straight to sfa? Which means in any event we would have got sweet FA in any circumstances?
  3. I Think Pedro needs a season at least to build momentum. The euro qualifier was unfortunate timings with new signings being unavailable or unfit.
  4. what is the latest with this transfer?? so much different versions its hard to keep up :(
  5. Its refreshing to see.
  6. Making sure they dont get cold feet before the flight ;)
  7. If he got all his first choices and deals done so early I would/ will be impressed. I suppose it's all a waiting game.
  8. Let's hope the deals are done and the players are announced asap so we can rebuild a team that have some heart. We need players with fighting mentality and talent something weve failed to find the past 5 seasons
  9. I think there's an increased belief regarding Pedro. Originally everyone was in shock as the club had appointed an unknown in our eyes. A diddy in others views as he wasn't the big name some craved nor a wholly experienced battle hardened manager others wanted, I think if he pulls off some decent signings and his style and charisma is allowed to flow he might just prove the doubters wrong 😁 The early sìgns are giving us hope ;) let's give the man the time to Flourish and hopefully build ibrox into a fort again 😊
  10. LMAO no one ever worn trainer socks??
  11. Anyone not thinking this signing would make a significant improvement needs their head read Lol.
  12. Going by the video he knows where the goals are. Splash the cash lol
  13. I wish we could bring them back lol probably still be able to do a better job than current crop of shite we have
  14. Lol f@ck him off too then, I thought he hadn't done too bad when he's played