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  1. I think young Hagi is the natural successor to Davis, find another wide player like Kent and stick the wee man in the middle with Jack and Arfield/Kamara or Aribo.
  2. I'll have one of those sneak previews if you don't mind cheers
  3. how do I rep this blue belle.
  4. I agree but there is a certain time and place for it ripping ourselves a new arsehole on a forum is just not for me .
  5. we all know it's good to get things off your chest now and again but most of this stuff should be kept in the dressing room ,.....for want of a better term.
  6. we shouldn't be paying over the odds for this guy , for the money thats been banded about there is better players out there, of that i've no doubt .
  7. what if Goodwillie knocks back crapburn because he want to hang around big bad glasgow just to see if he can tempt someone into stabbing him who knows how the modern footballers brain works
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