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  1. Ben Woodburn and Ryan Kent (Liverpool)

    Ah fair enough, I’ve said from the start the one I want is Wilson so long as he signs im happy. Few of my scouse pals thot was no chance of getting him as Klopp wanted him about first team next season.
  2. Ben Woodburn and Ryan Kent (Liverpool)

    Woodburn a striker is he not? Solanke the back up option to him? That Kent was class season before last. Went to Germany and was shite.
  3. Harry Wilson (Liverpool)

    This boy is supposed to be class. Few of my mates who support Liverpool are convinced Klopp wants him back for 1st team next season. If I had my pick of any Liverpool youngster it would be him.
  4. Andy Devlin - Signing Targets

    Sounds like a shitey boy band
  5. Andy Devlin - Signing Targets

    They will help of course but spending 3/4m on 33 year old with 12 month isn’t good business imo.
  6. Andy Devlin - Signing Targets

    33 year old centre half going to win us the league?
  7. Andy Devlin - Signing Targets

    If Gerrard goes spunking 3/4m on Skrtel then alarm bells will start ringing.
  8. Reece Burke (West Ham)

    No danger we will be getting him. Did well in Germany and they seem to be mad keen on young English talent at minute.
  9. Connor Goldson (Brighton)

    Clearly no or you’d of gave Bates a new deal
  10. Connor Goldson (Brighton)

    I’ll give Mark Allen my list.
  11. Connor Goldson (Brighton)

    Plenty of players about that aren’t good enough for the Premiership but would be stand outs for us.
  12. Press Conference Today

    Spoke well, sounds like he's buzzing to be here and work under Gerrard. We need this type of quality all over the park now. Start with 2 new centre halves please.
  13. Next Season's Captain ? (f.a.o. Mr S. Gerrard)

    Be madness to give it to McCrorie. Let the boy develop without the pressures of trying to lead this bunch of shitebags.
  14. John McGinn (Hibs)

    Lennon's no been seen since Wednesday night, he's having a full on public meltdown and it's glorious.
  15. John McGinn (Hibs)

    The boy's been overrated since he was in the Championship and getting in Scotland squads. Last person I want at Ibrox.
  16. Out?: Josh Windass

    Over rated to fuck, watched the game other night. Wee boy Cochrane was best midfielder on the park by a mile.
  17. Out?: Josh Windass

    Doesn’t matter what his clause is/was he’s only worth what someone willing to pay. We’d all take 3m for Windass.
  18. Out?: Josh Windass

    Bye Josh
  19. *****Official Hibs vs Rangers Match thread*****

    Mad price that given circumstances
  20. *****Official Hibs vs Rangers Match thread*****

    Sheep aint anywhere near 10s, 6/1 with Ladbrokes.
  21. Europe Guaranteed

    We still need it for a carrot to dangle in front of possible signings. Gerrard won't be saying we'll get pumped out before schools go back even tho we all know it's highly likely. Plus if we get a couple full houses at Ibrox every penny helps the situation we are in at the minute. I know most are away on holiday around that time but with SG coming in I reckon it will be close to full even to play from mob from Malta.
  22. Robby McCrorie Our Reserve Keeper On Loan To Berwick Rangers

    McCrorie needs to be back out on loan learning the game rather than playing back up to anyone. Needs to be at a Championship level, instead of this League 2 shite.
  23. Europe Guaranteed

    Mad how shite we are that it’s is a serious concern Hibs could hump us 6-0.
  24. Hummel's latest template

    Some people defo still wear bootcut jeans
  25. McCrorie

    Agreed mate not digging the boy out was just surprised reading some of the comments. He’d be first name in midfield for me, unfortunate he will miss game at Easter Road. Likes of Candieas touch was shocking aswell last night. Park seemed to be in decent nick albeit the grass seemed a bit long.