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  1. Game was horrific switched it off after an hour. He looks very quick and certainty got the legs for a pressing game. Was on their set pieces, would imagine they’re normally better than what he showed tonight. Overall he was quiet but no one stood out for me. Cant judge on one game, I’m sure it wont determine whether we try sign him or not.
  2. La Liga and Serie A still got games to go as well. Only the playoff in Germany to sort out.
  3. Nah I can’t either. I follow quite a few people on twitter who follow European football religiously along with Bundesliga and he’s a name that’s popped up a bit. Can’t say I’ve watched him as don’t think Heidenheim are on tv much nor do I watch any Bundesliga 2. All I know is he’s been highly rated for a while and was surprise when they got him from Bayern as thought he’d get a bigger club especially being on a free. Not sure if he had bigger clubs after him and wanted to go there for guaranteed football.
  4. You can buy the kit from Castore, Ibrox shop along with SD and other retail outlets. Who gives a fuck, barely anyone will buy from SD anyway.
  5. Doesn’t deny SD involvement but not exclusive with SD
  6. Mad ain’t it, works other way as well I remember wanting to sign Wesley Verhoek (2012 maybe) who he went to Forest and was absolutely shite.
  7. Ever get a feeling someone’s going to be absolute shite? Havent watched him or even a you tube just have a feeling we swerve him.
  8. Makes ye want to go out and two foot some tarriers
  9. Sisto and Skov are direct comparisons as same position and near similar age when they moved on. Fischer ended up back in Denmark but wouldn’t surprise me if he ends up elsewhere in summer. Get what you mean but all signings can be a risk. We are talking simple long balls over the top which we can’t deal with. Some of our defending last season was an embarrassment.
  10. Tarriers at Ibrox Aberdeen at Pittodrie x2 Hamilton at Ibrox Hamilton away St J at McDiarmid Park x2 Killie at Rugby Park Hearts at Tynecastle x1 league x1 cup Off top of my head and most if not all were mistakes off the centre halves.
  11. Delaney did brilliant when he left and got a move to Dortmund for big money. Robert Skov regularly starts for Hoffenhiem. Dolberg had around 1 in 2 record in Ligue 1 before it closed down. Jensen at Brentford looks a good player any time I’ve seen him although didn’t work out at Celta Vigo year previous. Wouldn't rule this boy out, certainly got the type of numbers you want from a RW.
  12. Dorch as the centre mid and we’d of had some window.
  13. Anderlecht looking to recoup the 6m euro they paid for him last season. Too much money for poor goal ratio (I know he’s played majority wide) and poor injury record in recent seasons. Anderlecht linked with Moffi to replace him if he goes.
  14. Gerrard will lose his job next season if he plays Hagi wide right.
  15. I don’t think he counts towards our quota in Europa league as he wasn’t trained in Scotland.
  16. My mates a Sunderland fan he said he was class first season but hit and miss second season. Remember him at Hearts he seemed decent enough.
  17. Risk involved in signing a league 1 striker who’s available on a pre contract come January for 5m is mind boggling. Doesnt sit right with me, paying that type of doe you’re wanting more than league 1 pedigree.
  18. The collar was far better on the pdfs as well this one is pish. Dubious about whether they were correct anyways I know the training gear was spot on but that 3rd strip is rip off of Hummel kit last year. Surely they wouldn’t copy same kit design as Hummel.
  19. Horrible feeling that is it cause would be a mad shout to put the stay in control part in the sponsor. Terrible
  20. Nothing is ever going to be fail safe every transfer needs a bit of luck. I believe in the science in it plays a reasonable enough part but so many other things come into play like how they adapt to new surroundings, character, home life etc. Think that shows in certain clubs who do it far better than others Leipzig, Dortmund, Ajax to name a few.
  21. Aye I was most definitely including McLeish 😂 should of worded it since Advocaat. Hopefully Wilson is the man to improve it to where it needs to be.
  22. True there will be an element of that but got to be some sort of science behind it. Our Scouting/transfers have been a riot since the McLeish days with a few exceptions.
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