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    Matt O’Reilly

    Sky Sports linking us, Dortmund, Leipzig, Stuttgart, Norwich and tarriers to 18 year old Fulham midfielder. Creative mid, played once for Fulham in league cup and England u18s.
  2. Smell the hotdog

    Ryan Jack and Kevin Thomson

    Thomson was a level above Jack.
  3. Smell the hotdog

    Jordan Rossiter

    Dundee Utd can fuck off, cunts.
  4. Smell the hotdog

    Heavy Defeat At ‘Boro

    Polish lad from Legia, Mateusz Szwed
  5. Smell the hotdog

    Ravel Morrison

    You have some mad opinions on football players
  6. Smell the hotdog

    Karlan Ahearne-Grant - Charlton

    Mad how any lower league signing is automatically tagged as a Mark Warburton signing.
  7. Smell the hotdog


    Get shinnie to fuck as well he’s pish.
  8. Smell the hotdog


    Ferguson said he’s the most talented kid he’s seen. Yet to see it anywhere been chased out of every club he’s been at. Avoid
  9. Smell the hotdog


    Get him to fuck he’s supposed to be a crackpot. Cant see Gerrard taking the chance on him.
  10. Smell the hotdog

    Ben Woodburn

    Gauld has done fuck all for the past 2/3 years however long he’s been in Portugal. Sporting converted him into a centre mid, which is nothing like the player that was at Dundee Utd. Interesting to see if Hibs play him wide again or stick him central with Hyndman gone.
  11. Smell the hotdog

    Ryan Hardie recalled

    Ram it
  12. Smell the hotdog

    Ryan Hardie recalled

    Doesn’t necessarily mean we’ve recalled him, he’s our player and may be taking him to have a look at him. Pretty sure he was injured when Gerrard took over. Not uncommon for loan players to train and play for our ressies. Would make zero sense to call him back from Livi where he’s playing games
  13. Smell the hotdog

    Who's Next? Or Are We Done?

    We wanted Dowell on loan from Everton who would have been that 10/attacking mid we all want. I reckon we will still try for one more.
  14. Smell the hotdog

    Glen Kamara

  15. Smell the hotdog

    Jordan Jones

    Maddison went for 30m because of the season he had in the championship after his loan spell. Kent failed at Bristol City in his last loan spell, really can’t see the fee being astronomical.
  16. Smell the hotdog

    No further punishment for Morelos

    A boy on twitter put it perfectly, if Carragher came out today in his column and claimed that Kompany wasn’t sent off because of a conspiracy to stop Liverpool winning the league... he’d be laughed out the country and most probably never work again. Shows you how 2 bob our media is that clowns like Sutton are given free reign to bump their gums about shite like this. He’s spewing, Mark Wilson spewing, Michael Stewart spewing. Delicious
  17. Smell the hotdog


  18. Smell the hotdog

    Jermain Defoe

    Can’t wait to see wee JD tear it up at the famous.
  19. Smell the hotdog

    Jermain Defoe

    Did Kenny a turn there
  20. Smell the hotdog

    Jermain Defoe

    You’re making out like his finished but he was called upto the England squad in 2017. The guy doesn’t drink, smoke and lives the life you should as a professional footballer. 36 year old Kenny Miller still scores goals in Scotland. Defoe will too.
  21. Smell the hotdog

    Jermain Defoe

  22. Smell the hotdog

    Jamie murphy recovering phase 2.

    Interested to see where you got these stats from? Regardless comparing a player from last season team to this season is pretty pointless. It’s two very different teams, we were the highest goal scorers in the league last season therefore it’s understandable Murphy would be involved in more goals. In theory it actually meant fuck all. Not belitting Murphy at all, he’s a decent squad player but if I’m picking a first 11, he’s not in my team. Take your point on Gerrard getting more out of him as he’s done with Jack and Halliday, until he’s done it though it’s pie in the sky.
  23. Smell the hotdog

    Jamie murphy recovering phase 2.

    Kent and Candieas are a lot better options than Murphy. Yet another case of an injured player who plays in a position we’ve struggled in, suddenly becoming a lot better than he actually is.
  24. Smell the hotdog

    Kieran Dowell loan

    Everton midfielder was on loan at Forest last season. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/3574770/kieran-dowell-Rangers-everton-steven-gerrard/
  25. Smell the hotdog

    Old Firm ref

    Ref is least of our worries, more worried who we’re playing in the middle of the park or left back tbh