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  1. Remember my young son asking me who danny hamilton was after hearing follow follow for the first time
  2. What do you expect team fullof spineless bastards
  3. Your walking away in bad mood and some prick comes up behind you pushes you i dont think theres to many people who wouldnt of done what moshni done.I know ida chined that arsehole small time motherwellpricks.
  4. aAnyone know how much bursa are handin over for miller.
  5. despise the bastards an everything they stand for.everything they have said an done over the last couple of years just shows you they would do anything to gain an advantage.nothing but lowlife scumbags.fuk them all .WATP.
  6. Brilliant post Dartagnan.Agree with everything you say if only murray and the rest would pull there head out of there ass and stick up for the club maybe the scum in the media wouldnt be so quick to print there lies and fairy stories.
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