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  1. Right Whos down at the megastore

    Two tops, ordered wed pm, arrived today.
  2. Scottish Cup.

    East Kilbride away would be interesting, K park only holds 500. Their manager is a good bluenose,
  3. Neil Mccann

    I a.lways liked McCann but he let us down badly in the Feyenoord game. I think we would have won the Uefa cup that year
  4. Best And Worst Seats You Have Sat In At Ibrox

    After reading this thread, I am just glad it's seating. There's a 6ft 2", 6.3 6.4 and a 6ft 5" , I would never be able to see the pitch, unless when doing the bouncy, I was going up as they were going down.
  5. Memories Of Bobby Watson

    I remember being at Loftus Rd in the early 70's and Rodney Marsh head butted Bobby Watson. The ref didn't send Marsh off but the QPR boss subbed him.
  6. We'll Still Go Up Sunday

    Hamilton lost 2-0 to HIVS at home , in the first leg, last year. Keep Believing.
  7. Youngsters Turn Pro

    My 8 year old came in excited last week, he got Jordan's autograph, in fact he got 2 of them, told me they will be worth money.
  8. Snp Anti-Protestant Bigot Update

    Is it cause a is Black?
  9. Mcculloch Injured?

    That's the good news, the bad news is that he wasn't playing the last time we played them down there and the defence was a shambles,
  10. My comment was directed at SNP 79ers, going by your comments. you don,t know who they were or what their agenda was.
  11. Just felt you needed reminding who you are siding with, ref 79 group.
  12. Nicola Sturgeon? Yes! I would! I see your taste in women is as good as your politics,
  13. I was reading an article about the picture of the Queen in the Rangers dressing room and it mentioned the east football forum. I opened the link and up popped this bile; IrishArab111-04-2008, 11:22Its bullshit they have to force their 'traditions' down players throats though. I'd spit on that picture before leaving the dressing room I suppose all you 79er Natz will be happy with that.
  14. "Quintessential means the very essence, something in its purest form. And the thing about Rangers, it is based in Scotland, but first and foremost it is a British club. A lot of fans come over from Northern Ireland to support, and a lot of English fans, too. Like Barcelona, it is mas que un club [more than a club]: it stands for something in society. It embraces the whole concept of the union of the United Kingdom, and if you go to Ibrox you'll see the union flag is the one flying highest above the stadium." To be a Ranger is to sense the sacred trust of upholding all that such a name means in this shrine of football. They must be true in their conception of what the Ibrox tradition seeks from them. No true Ranger has ever failed in the tradition set him." Mr Struth will be turning in his grave. The 79 Group are running the show for the Natz, anyone who has any doubts about their agenda should do some homework on this group.