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  1. No Surrender Ed, I know you will be lying in your bed dreaming about all the goals you scored at the Plots, wishing they were for the Rangers. All the best big man.
  2. Neale was a bit of a joker, does anyone remember the story about Ray Wilkins bringing in a blonde wig. Neale Cooper put it on and they went down to the main door. A message went out for John Greig , public relations, that big Oleg the new Russian had arrived. Windup lasted all day.
  3. Was that the 10-2 game or was that the year before? We might have won a few cups in the eighties, mainly league cups, but our league record was terrible. Quite often finishing 4th or 5th Also some very poor European results and who could forget Chesterfield. The big and most important difference is the phenomenal support. Far better than in the eighties as long as that is maintained , we will be back at the top. My big fear is so many supporters are becoming disillusioned
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZrmp9tXGb0
  5. I think Joss was trying to cue up a song from the Bears, Shh,Shh,Shh Sure it is old but it is beautiful.
  6. Two tops, ordered wed pm, arrived today.
  7. East Kilbride away would be interesting, K park only holds 500. Their manager is a good bluenose,
  8. I a.lways liked McCann but he let us down badly in the Feyenoord game. I think we would have won the Uefa cup that year
  9. After reading this thread, I am just glad it's seating. There's a 6ft 2", 6.3 6.4 and a 6ft 5" , I would never be able to see the pitch, unless when doing the bouncy, I was going up as they were going down.
  10. I remember being at Loftus Rd in the early 70's and Rodney Marsh head butted Bobby Watson. The ref didn't send Marsh off but the QPR boss subbed him.
  11. Hamilton lost 2-0 to HIVS at home , in the first leg, last year. Keep Believing.
  12. My 8 year old came in excited last week, he got Jordan's autograph, in fact he got 2 of them, told me they will be worth money.
  13. That's the good news, the bad news is that he wasn't playing the last time we played them down there and the defence was a shambles,
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