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  1. He's been a great signing for us....
  2. Wednesday afternoon , flying Glasgow to Warsaw via Frankfurt, returning home early Saturday morning via Munich.
  3. l'll be in town in the morning for some Protestant chanting..... WATP
  4. Rangers 2-0 Hibs , circa 1965/1966 I think Davie Wilson scored both....
  5. I prefer Halliday at left back anyway.......
  6. I was actually agreeing with you mate . ..
  7. I'm sure Jon Toral came through the ranks at Arsenal as well.....
  8. He's an Important player , so I'm delighted for him & us.
  9. It's not Berra , it's Christophe........
  10. Halliday & Arfield were both excellent today.
  11. Broke my fkn specs celebrating that goal in the tattiedome that day..?
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