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  1. NI v Switzerland

    Absolutely scandalous
  2. Derek McInnes

    Mcinnes’ agent landed back in the UK today so I suspect we might see some movement on this now .
  3. Derek McInnes

    Agree completely
  4. Derek McInnes

    I know it’s a different situation but Look what happened with Pulis leaving palace , managers have to be very careful resigning or they and the club they end up at can find themselves in a very sticky position.
  5. Derek McInnes

    Yeah I can appreciate that , just though the club can’t afford to get it wrong . However we choose as manager has to be allowed to bring their staff in , within reason , otherwise the whole dynamic changes . Sometimes it’s coaching , sometimes tactical or just someone who lightens the mood . Whatever it is to begin with tinkering with that system isn’t a perfect start to anybody’s reign .
  6. Derek McInnes

    Do you not think though if Mcinnes wants him you need to bring in his management team , Otherwise your setting yourself up to fail surely ?
  7. Derek McInnes

    I’d say it’s harder now financially to get him out of Aberdeen than it was . If the club managed to navigate those terms they then need to make it financially attractive to Mcinnes , not compared to Aberdeen but compared to other jobs in the championship that he’d have a real chance of . I think if we want him we can obviously get him , this is Rangers , but it needs to be a serious approach that leaves him in no doubt he’s the top choice .
  8. Feels weird saying it but you beauty Declan
  9. The beginning of the end!

    I'm not saying it's not a rag but the way that's framed it doesn't hammer the manager , unless they're trying to be clever which let's face it I also can't see. There are loads of ways to spin that article In a more negative manner and they haven't gone down that road. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.
  10. The beginning of the end!

    To be honest those bits look more likely to have come from the manager or someone close to him rather than to undermine him.
  11. Still time to win this
  12. He looks a player that's for sure
  13. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    You stand there and you take your time , even when it's a smack in the face . Obviously Nobody likes it but it's not like he's 12 he's 21 , when I look back at where I'd been and what I'd done in my life at that age it's even more pathetic . Not a surprise given who he supports but still pathetic . As part of my work I have to listen and watch a lot of sports reporting and media. In England the national tv news last night didn't mention the incident , a player assaulted on the pitch and nobody spoke of it . This morning I listened to a fair bit of BBC Scotland podcast before turning it off in anger and not a whisper of it . It's incredible the seriousness of an incident like that and it's almost completely ignored , Clyde was almost exactly the same earlier . It's not even like it's an isolated incident from Everton winning a CWC because of their behaviour to more recent times they simply can't behave themselves . Hopefully sooner or later UEFA will get a grip of Scotland's Shame but I won't be holding my breath.
  14. To survive in Scotland that's exactly what has to happen , the club have to trade at a profit and The more it succeeds the stronger position to negotiate .