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  1. An incredibly sad day and a loss that should be felt throughout the world of football. RIP Sir Walter a true legend .
  2. Of all I’ve heard and read that takes the absolute biscuit , any suggestion that any media organisation down south would tolerate that kind of victim blaming is ridiculous in my opinion but when it comes to Rangers and Morelos in particular it’s about par for the course .
  3. There are including Alex Scott and Torry Gillick who won trophies at both clubs a long and proud association between the teams .
  4. That’s what’s needed and it’s mostly what’s happened in Europe, fingers crossed we see some of that form.
  5. Great strike now time to step it up , make that extra man count and get a grip of that defence .
  6. The idea that that’s a real human being with rights that gets a vote and to sit on juries is absolutely terrifying. They just aren’t normal .
  7. As I understand it You can only be sentenced using the sentencing guidelines at the time of the offence . So even though you might get a lot more now you get treated as if it was still the time of the offence .
  8. Correct , It’s only paranoia if it’s not true .
  9. I’m not disagreeing that , the whole thing just seems to be a cobbled together list of digs from provan against the club , I only replied because you said the article didn’t mention Clarke and I was just pointing out that the full article that wasn’t quoted did.
  10. The OP didn’t put the full article mate , the link provided in the thread does specifically mention Clarke .
  11. I hate people who quote long posts , but this one absolutely needs it. Superb
  12. Let’s have confidence, we can take that shower . We need to perform at the top of our level but we absolutely can do it and why not in this round , players and fans we all know it’s doable . There’s nothing to be frightened of . Whatever the result next week or in the cup the tide is shifting and we’re on our way back .
  13. For me I just wasn’t sure about him , i kept changing my opinion . Last night thought I’ll be honest If my footwork looked like that when I was a kid I’d have got a serious slapping .
  14. I was more inclined to that before that display last night
  15. I agree with all of that . I think Joshua is overrated but wilder was just poor last night , power aside his technique was dreadful . The power is obviously impressive but I didn’t see much for anyone to worry about Also again like you how anybody could have had Wilder ahead is staggering .
  16. That’s key isn’t it , how much are the players he’s replaced earning ? That has to be a factor in his negotiations, that and any offers on the table .
  17. Sadly that was my first thought . Terrible loss for the family and those close to them , still miss mine after nearly 20 years.
  18. So sorry to hear this news , thoughts are with you and yours.
  19. It’s not often in life you find yourself looking at something and your response is open mouthed speechlessness. I genuinely don’t have a single clue what to type in response to that madness .
  20. As you say it’s just such a difficult game making those decisions though other than the very best who stand head and shoulders above the rest . Even though it was years ago when I think about the best players when I was a kid they didn’t amount to much and the couple who had a career weren’t even worthy of a mention , it was attitude more than anything else that got them through. There are always going to be mistakes Because clubs have to make decisions, making that on size or physicality though is certainly a risk .
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