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  1. Ross BARKley would fit well in midfield with Nicky Paw
  2. That's a peach, said absolutely no cunt ever
  3. I'd rather he played smith left back and Wallace left. That would make more sense to me
  4. Just don't understand why if we are short of center midfielders he doesn't play jig in midfield where he's played for years and play faure in his natural position of center back ? Or even McLeod in center mid. Too many players playing in each other's position. And not for the first time Forfar are out playing us
  5. This brand of football is shocking, 1970s stuff. We should be passing this team off the park. Just like queen of the south, Forfar are playing the better football. We can't control the ball or string a couple of passes together #blooter
  6. I fucking hate Andy walker commentating on our games, almost willing Forfar to score. Wee rodent. Doesn't even try to hide it
  7. We can't seem to play football on astro turf. This long ball suits Forfars two big centre backs.
  8. Think it will be a cracking atmosphere tonight. Hope we get a performance on the park
  9. Glad you used the word strips there bud
  10. Hope he goes in a blaze of glory, bringing down cartel as he goes, telling the world what we all know about what is really going on behind the scene at the s.p.l/s.f.a. No need to fear fines and censure now Charles, let those fuckers have it
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