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  1. Weiss is not coming back, get over it
  2. I'm getting wheelie bored of the guys bullshit
  3. That's was a superb day. Was tripping out ma nut ?
  4. I answered my front door, when I stayed at home with my parents, to see big Eck standing there. He had a signed copy of his book (Don of an era) for my dad who he spoke about and had a photo of in his book. My dad was his coach as a youngster growing up in Barrhead. also met the full team at the airport when me and the missus were flying out on honeymoon almost 16 years ago. Met Fergie, Amo, Cannigia, Mols, Flo, Latapy, Advocaat and the soundest of the lot was Neil McCann.
  5. Started taking my youngest at 4, he got his first season ticket at 6. Fitba daft
  6. Undergoing a medical, deal agreed with the player
  7. 6-1 v Dunfermline to win the league. My father in law died a few days before and his last words to me were 'don't worry, the boys are going to win the league'. Rather than sitting in my own seat in the main stand, I sat in his seat that day. Also, who wasn't crying at the fernando benefit match ?
  8. I'd fucking loaf it if we appointed Warburton
  9. Miller hardly touched the ball today. Lots of running off the ball, but as a striker, just not dangerous enough.
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