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  1. A piss poor professional who shows utter contempt for his employers and fans. If proven to be him in that photo attending the cup final with his scummy pals, then get him to F***k from our club as soon as possible Rangers....please.
  2. I'm sure he's a scum supporter. So maybe not a neutral opinion.
  3. Great goal by Morelos. Miller is F***ing shite, he's done. Hoping Pena and Herrera get on 2nd half, want more goals. Got wee Morelos to score anytime and Gers 4-0.
  4. Dont care too much what 11 plays v Dundee as long as by the time they walk off they have 3pts in the bag.
  5. Midfield will be run over...to slow and weak. Fear the best we will get today is a draw. 2-2
  6. Time the SFA closed that cesspit down. Obvisouly Scum fc can't gaurantee the safety of their own fans [ never mind other clubs fans ] inside their stadium.
  7. Took the Gers to win 0-3 and Miller first goalscorer. Make it happen Pedro !
  8. Get into these rancid fuckers from the off Rangers. Get in their faces and get the fans rocking. Hoping for a win, but will settle for a draw.
  9. Gers to win 4-1. M`well are shite, but dangerous at free kicks and corners, so they may score from them or get a penalty.
  10. I think there will be 5 goals in this game, so I have bet us to win 4-1 and 5-0. Fancy Hyndman for a couple today. C`mon the Gers...Skelp this mob.
  11. Did you just pick someone with a low post count and hope you would be right and others would agree with you ? Idiot.
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