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  1. H&H Podcast 15.1.2018 (McInnes rumours)

    Whatever the rights and wrongs of the McInnes recruitment failure- I For one was strangely relieved when he said no. I genuinely think we are better of with Murty, and the decision to recruit Nicholl as his no2 is in my mind inspired. I would go so far as to say that I would have preferred Nicholl as Manager to McInnes.
  2. Who would you rather have running us?

    Given the evidence of their track records all have shown that they are prepared to damage the Club to achieve their own ends. Yes Dave Murray gave us glorious memories that I will never forget, but he left the Club teetering on the brink of extinction. Dave King was closely involved with Murray, and from the moment Green aquired the Club did his level best to undermine the Club from without until he gained control (undermine the Club ultimately undermined share price which also affected a lot of individual Bears who bought their shares for the best of reasons- hence he showed a complete disregard for that section of our support), since gaining control his promises have proved no more than words, he has been Chairman whilst we have gone through one Cluster after another, is in Court for all the wrong reasons- we are now toxic to the financial authorities, put his stooges on the Club payroll (nice when you can pay your pals with the fans season ticket money), and has overseen some of our worst and most humiliating football results. Cannot even be bothered to turn up for the day that really matters- if Dave King is a true reflection of a Rangers Man then God help this Club. Mike Ashley from all reports is not a particularly caring individual, other than ensuring his own Bank Balance is intact. I am not sure we were allowed to see any positives to Ashley, by the way Dave King and his pals in the Sons of S went on the offensive against Ashley- hence the bad mean last days of his regime when it all got very personal between him and King. What Inhave seen Ashley do at Newcastle however- is he has managed to recruit a Top Manager and somehow keep him (for how long though), he also appears to be setting the Club up to pass the Club onto good hands if the Amanda Stavely sale goes through. So based on the above- I have to say I would rather have none of them. But I guess it would therefore have to be the least worse option. For me History to date has shown that despite the Glory, Dave Murray almost destroyed the Club. So he in my book is the worst option. Dave King seems to have learned nothing from the past and looks to be taking the Club down a similar road. But he has not yet destroyed the Club and may turn it around (although I see nothing to suggest he will). Mike Ashley is therefore the last man left standing- and he has cash. But you know that he will run the Club so that he profits. But he also is a good enough businessman to know that real value is extracted when you sell the Club on as a viable going concern.
  3. Jimmy Nicholl

    Jimmy Nicholl as Assistant Manager is the first recent managerial appointment that has made any clear sense to me. Wishing Jimmy every success in the role.
  4. Halliday

    As Halliday is still on our books we have to try and get the best out of him. At worse he can provide cover, and at best maybe we can improve him as a player which would strengthen the squad and add value should we move him on at some point. What is clear this is a last chance saloon opportunity for Halliday to prove himself in a Rangers jersey. Given our recent history with Managers and in particular Pedro C’s attitude to players who he did not want (clear them out/ sell them cheap rather than actually try to coach them) I do have some sympathy for Halliday. However we are equally good at building guys up (and in Halliday case it was on little substance and the fact he is a local Rangers fan) and then knocking them down after a few weak performances- Halliday seemed to think at one point he was bigger than his boots- but our PR/ Media department seemed to drive that more than the player. I wish him well and hope he takes this opportunity to prove himself at Rangers on pure footballing merit. Halliday is the sort of player that Nicholl may be a very positive influence on.
  5. Murty vs Walter

    1. Murty has the job until the end of the Season and it is unlikely that that situation is going to change. 2. Murty has does no worse and in some cases better than McCoist, Warburton and Pedro, and his performances have been achieved with the left overs of their under achieving squads. 3. Yes he lacks experience, but looks to be gaining it by the shovelful. He has made mistakes, but don’t we all. He has also pulled of surpising results when we all feared a doing. As long as he learns from his mistakes we can all move forward. Murty has my full support until the end of the Season, I would not be surprised if he starts to pull of a few more positive surprises before the season is over. What is without doubt no Manager, whether it is Murty, Walter Smith or Alex Ferguson, can be judged fairly if they have not been given a) Time and b) the Chance to recruit their own key players.
  6. Has Murty already failed?

    Agreed - but unfortunately with this Board in place, and given the fact he has been given the Job until the Summer- I cannot see what we can do other than give him our support. I hope you and yours have a good Hogmanay- and let’s hope it’s more than draws we are celebrating in 2018.
  7. Has Murty already failed?

    We back him because he’s in the position and at the end of the day no one else is there to take the job. It’s not Murty who is the appropriate target- it’s a Board that are proving time and time again that they are not fit for purpose.
  8. Has Murty already failed?

    Well said Sandyinroyalblue - Credit where credit is due. Murty has done no worse than our recent Managers and at the end of day he is the one piecing together the bits of squads left over by 3 previous Managers who all cost the Club a fortune and failed to deliver a suitable return on the cash splashed out on their transfer market dealings. Whilst I a, not happy with the decision to appoint Murty, another poster on here has made me think again. Who could we get instead with Club in its current state I.e a toxic Board- and the answer is obvious- No one, because no creditable Manager wants to pick up the poison chalice. Dave Kings spokesmen tried to destroy Warburton reputation when he left, and did exactly the same when McInnes declined the job offer- who would want to work for this guy. So Murty is who we are left with, and actually he is doing a better job in my view than McCoist, Warburton and Pedro C- with their players. The real test of Murty is when he brings some new players and puts his “Own” Team out on the park. But let’s give him our support and with Nicholl behind him to provide support we may find we are not as badly off as we could be if Murty had actually refused the job himself.
  9. Has Murty already failed?

    We are where we are now with Murty as Manager, and Murty is now where he is as our Manager, I don’t agree with the Murty decision - but it is now a done deal until the Summer. If Jimmy Nicholl does become his assistant, then in the circumstances, that is a sensible move. Murty achieved an invaluable point yesterday against the odds and contrary to the many predictions that we were in for a hiding. In fact our Team actually made the opposition look very ordinary and hopefully the world will wake up to the fact that Rodgers is not some Super Manager, but merely the manager of a celtic team that has had no opposition at a time that Scottish Football is at its lowest level that I have seen in all my years. That is IMO massively to Murty’s credit. But please keep him away from a media microphone. If Murty and Nicholl can achieve some sort of consistency and build on the Team spirit that is looking to have developed since he took over- then the rest of this season could be very interesting.
  10. Kris Boyd has his say on the boardroom liars

    Boyd is merely stating the blatantly obvious- under the stewardship of this mostly absentee Board this Club is in decline, with only the strength and commitment of its support holding it together financially.
  11. Murty’s tactics

    Personally I thought Murty did well to come away with the 3 points given the pressures of the situation and where we are now as a Club. Other teams at all levels now know we can be beaten. The fear factor has gone. That is not Murty’s fault, instead it is the legacy he has inherited from a succession of managers since McCoist was given the job. The Ibrox fear factor has also gone. In fact other teams now relish playing in front of a full Ibrox, knowing that if they can silence our support our team are likely to crumble. Another part of the legacy that Murty has inherited is that his players are the remains of 3 squads bought in by 3 different Managers with 3 different approaches. McCoist, Warburton and Pedo C. No wonder we are a cluster on the pitch. This not Murty’s squad or his fault. What he is having to do is akin to creating a picture out of 3 different puzzles. Is it any wonder McInnes turned down the job, and that no one else could be found to take the job, hence Rangers finds itself in the unbelievable situation of having to recruit a Youth Coach to what was once one of the top jobs in Football. The responsibility for this situation lies squarely with Board and our Chairman. Where was David King yesterday- as far from Ibrox as possible- leaving all the pressure on Murty. It’s a disgrace. Motherwell approached this game in the manner of street fight - and the referee allowed them to do it. What I saw was disgusting yesterday. That’s 2 successive games Motherwell have been allowed to get away with that and Rangers players have been given no protection by the referee. How soon before someone gets really seriously hurt. Yet our players kept to the task in hand and came away with the three points. Far from pretty, far from convincing, yet successful and a very important 3 points in the bag. Murty should never be in this position, and we should not forget that he is only there because no one else would take the job with Rangers as it is run currently. We need to wake up to the damage this Board is doing to what used to be our Club.

    We cannot sack the Board. The only people who can sack the Board are the main shareholders. Unfortunately they are the Board. All other shareholding’s have been effectively diluted or made irrelevant by other means. King and his fellow Directors have been in charge since March 2015 and are now on their 4th Manager. They have Squandered many millions of pounds of season ticket income through inept decision making. Yet they control everything and the fans control nothing. Our support are world class. In income generation terms there are few Clubs in the world that can boast such a loyal and numerous fan base. Yet we are fast becoming a joke- we have a Chairman whose integrity has once again been questioned by a Court of Law, we have had a Bull fighting unknown Manager who has led us to probably what must rank as one of the most appalling European exits of all time by any British Club- and yet these are only a few of their failures. I hope that at least a few individuals on this Board realise that they compromising their own reputations by continuing to allow the current set up at Ibrox to continue. The press conference announcing Murty as the new Manager was appalling. Where was King, where were the 3 Bears- they were no where to be seen- just the hired hands, an ineffective CEO and a DoF who appeared more interested in ensuring that all present were made aware that he is not a decision maker. How many other Club Chairmen and Board members would get away with this sort of contempt for a Clubs Support.
  13. Alves

    I think that’s not an unlikely scenario- and probably best for all parties if he leaves as soon as possible. IMO he should never have been anywhere near Ibrox.
  14. Alves

    I am not sure that Alves is to blame for the Kilmarnock result in any way. According to Murty he offered to play and Murty made the decision, which given his age and the upcoming old firm game was not unreasonable. For McCoist to offer the comments he did was a cheap shot, and probably more driven by his desire to make himself look credible. The real issue with Alves is that he was bought by Pedro C, and Pedro C should never have been anywhere near the Rangers job. So we end up with an expensive aging Portuguese international on a big salary, whose main desire is to get to one last World Cup and to whom where Rangers end up in the League is incidental. Why was Pedro C recruited so expensively and who the hell authorised his cut price sell of the players he inherited. The sale of which has also made the Club look ridiculous in England. Then who authorised his transfer market dealings. The guy was a walking disaster who gave us our worst celtic defeat at Ibrox and lost our 26 year unbeaten run against Aberdeen at Ibrox prior to our most embarrassing European exit ever. However our Board remain somehow beyond direct criticism. God knows how much the direct and indirect costs of Pedro C’s recruitment and hid time at the Club cost. It is hardly surprising our financials are as hazardous as they are.
  15. Has Murty already failed?

    Murty has to stop telling the media his thoughts. Fine to an extent when he was interim Manager, but he should now try and stay off the press radar and focus on getting results. His reported chat regarding the players struggling with pressure of playing in a Rangers shirt and today’s reports of him feeling pressurised already are not helpful, and certainly not the messaging a strong leader would send out to either players or the General Public/ Media. The only people who benefit from these remarks are our opposition. Murty has to understand how significant is the change of role he agreed to when he accepted the Managers position, he is now no longer filling in and working well above his pay grade- hence he gained significant sympathetic support- that is now gone as he has now accepted full responsibility- with that comes full answerability. I fear he has played completely into the Boards hands by accepting the full role. Murty needs to become a tough bad ass- he,s the Boss and no longer “Murts”- being Mr Popular is no longer an option.