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  1. Lafferty left at the time the Club had fallen into the hands of Whyte/Green. Whilst I remember the embarrassing manner in which Lafferty left, I also remember large sections of our fan base falling hook line and sinker for Charles Greens rhetoric, promises and his vision for Rangers. Green at one point could do no wrong, yet he proved to be devious deceitful and self serving. I am not surprised at players not wishing to be employed by such a man, as they probably had much more insight into his true personality than the fans that charmed with his Rangeritis Chat. Lafferty left the Club as was his contractual right. Since he left we have seen the starve them out/ boycott campaigns led by our current Chairman Dave King.- but we seem happy to forget that, and Kings other antics during that period. If we are seriously to find fault with Lafferty then we must accept that King did no less to damage the Club. King is back and now so is Lafferty. If Gerrard who appears to have got nothing wrong so far, believes Lafferty is good for Rangers, then that is good enough for me. If Lafferty is genuinely embarrassed by aspects of his departure, and genuinely wants to atone then so much the better. At least Lafferty can not be charged with being a wage thief like many of those that stayed. McCoist at the time was regarded as a hero for staying, yet he took his silver pieces in the form of an excessive salary, shares, gardening leave and his subsequent pay off. We need to move on and focus on the future, which in on field terms is currently for the first time since Walter Smith was our Manager is beginning to look genuinely positive.
  2. MOH is clearly (and by his own admission and actions) a busted flush with Rangers. There are clear,y lessons to be learnt when recruiting in the future. But for me going forward, the priority is getting him off our books ASAP and maximising any value we can get for him so we can use those monies for the critical signings we need to ensure we are the strongest team in Scotland. He is now a complete irrelevance and non entity. Onwards not backwards...
  3. I very much hope you are correct and I am indeed fucking stupid. But King has been in charge for a number of seasons now and during that time I have seen no actual investment I.e. hard cash going into the Club from sources other than season tickets or loans. I would applaud King whole heartedly if he does inject £25 million into the Club, which is close to the amount he was talking off when he was in the midst of his takeover campaign.
  4. If King’s solution to our mounting debts, ongoing losses, and the funding of SG and his planned recruitment Plans is a planned £6 million share issue, which he will struggle to deliver immediately due to his current situation with the Takeover Pane... then no wonder Board members might be seriously looking at the viability of their personal positions- especially in light of their big talk of funding a Rangers Squad that could match celtic. It’s all been smoke and mirrors. The only significant funding the Club receives is season ticket money from the Fan base who have had to watch their hard earned cash squandered year after year on successive failed managerial appointments. We need an immediate cash injection into the business (rather than loans/ increased debt) of in excess of £25 million to have any chance of genuinely taking on celtic.
  5. Recent Boardroom resignations are now beginning to make sense.
  6. This is what happens with an absentee chairman who is not fit for purpose. There is no true leadership within the Club.
  7. Excellent result - really looking forward to next week. Credit to Murty, never thought we would be playing like this at the beginning of the season.
  8. What a great night. Murty and his Team are bringing back the feel good factor. As others have said previously, we just now need to go on a run of victories. ???
  9. As Halliday is still on our books we have to try and get the best out of him. At worse he can provide cover, and at best maybe we can improve him as a player which would strengthen the squad and add value should we move him on at some point. What is clear this is a last chance saloon opportunity for Halliday to prove himself in a Rangers jersey. Given our recent history with Managers and in particular Pedro C’s attitude to players who he did not want (clear them out/ sell them cheap rather than actually try to coach them) I do have some sympathy for Halliday. However we are equally good at building guys up (and in Halliday case it was on little substance and the fact he is a local Rangers fan) and then knocking them down after a few weak performances- Halliday seemed to think at one point he was bigger than his boots- but our PR/ Media department seemed to drive that more than the player. I wish him well and hope he takes this opportunity to prove himself at Rangers on pure footballing merit. Halliday is the sort of player that Nicholl may be a very positive influence on.
  10. Kilmarnock have become one of the toughest challenges in the League since Steve Clarke was appointed. Their Rangers old boys will know the quickest way to undo us will be to get ahead quickly and turn our fans against our team. I predict Kilmarnock will start this game like a sprinter leaving the blocks- hope to take a quick lead and then sit back and player a counter attack strategy. A particularly tough first game for Murty as “Rangers Manager”- we need to support the team no matter what for the full 90 minutes plus injury time. If there does need to be any negative feedback it should wait until after the game. For all his inexperience as a Manager, Murty has shown he can get results that other supposedly more experienced Managers have failed to achieve with the same players both times he has been interim Manager. If we can start strong, I am hopeful for a good performance- whatever the result it has all the ingredients for a cracking game. I want to see a strong, well led Rangers team that plays with 100% commitment right up to the final whistle. If we as a support can stay behind the team for the full game, then I predict a Kilmarnock 1- Rangers 3 score line (with Boyd scoring their goal). Now off to the bookies.
  11. Wishing Murty every success- he’s been a beacon of honest endeavour- in what have been dark times for the Club. We are now once again in the news for all the wrong reasons. DK being once again shown to be exactly what he is, and a prime reason our reputation as a Club and a Great British institution is in free fall. I cannot help thinking Murty is being used as a human shield by a Board that is completely clueless. It’s easy to leave his head above the parapet whilst others hide. What I do not doubt is that Murty will do his best.
  12. Pedro C- For me the manner in which he ran the team last season suggested that he was not the man for the job. Those end of season results were diabolical. The excuse was that he had nothing to lose (those records were not considered significant) and he was using the time to assess the players. So the results were shit and so the conclusion was the players were shit (even though the results achieved by the same players had been better before he arrived). So the players are told they are crap, it's all very public, their value plummets, and they go for peanuts to other Clubs that cannot believe their luck- at these other Clubs they begin to perform better than they had under Pedro. Meanwhile we get pumped out of Europe in the most embarrassing way possible but then win a couple of friendlies and all appears Rosie again. A slow start in the league but Pedro then does a course with Mourinho and is able to bask and absorb his glory. We have had some good games under Pedro C but we do not have any consistency. The guy is in my mind out of his depth and should never have been appointed. Yes we have won some games but with money spent- so we bloody should. But the Writing is on the Wall- this guy is not fit for purpose as Rangers Manager. Games like yesterday have to be won- especially against a 10 man team at the bottom of the league. I am not sure we can afford to get rid of Pedro C- but we sure as hell can only aspire to 2nd or 3rd place in the league with him at the helm.
  13. The Friendly's are over. Now it's for real. Time to deliver a performance that really counts- and to do that week in week out. Really looking forward to this game. We have the greatest support going- I fully expect to see a Team that shows it deserves that support. These guys can be Hero's.
  14. There have been clear signs of major improvement over the last few games. The last two games have been really uplifting. However the real test will be how this Team perform in games that are for League points or Cup games. For me the jury is still out on Pedro C, and will be to the last game of this new season. I am far more optimistic than I was a few weeks ago. I can now see where Pedro C is endeavouring to take his Team in terms of style and attitude- it is a refreshing sight. Yet for me, and especially given we have already suffered a very early and embarrassing exit from Europe, for Pedro C to be considered a success this coming season, we need to be comfortably in the top 2 of the League and win at least one Cup. We now have no European distractions, Pedro has been well funded and has made a number of key signings of players he wants, there can be no more excuses.
  15. This is beginning to look as if things are coming together. Well done all. Mr Pedro C, I take my proverbial hat off to you- excellent stuff.
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