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  1. Who do you back: Manager or Players ?

    This is an absolute disaster and one that has been in the making ever since Dave King took over. Yes the players are wrong, yes the manager has obviously lost the respect (if he ever truly had it) of the players and as such has no future. But this he is the third manager in succession (and all employed during Dave King’s tenure) to be proven to be unable to manage individual egos within the Rangers Squad. The people who should be first in the firing line should be the Directors. It is just one continual humiliation and fuck up after an other these days.
  2. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    This is what happens with an absentee chairman who is not fit for purpose. There is no true leadership within the Club.
  3. Murty threw Halliday under the bus yesterday

    Andy Halliday gets a big pay cheque to wear the Rangers shirt. He was picked to play and failed to deliver. He was then replaced. What is the problem. You could argue that Murty had given him a massive opportunity and that it was Halliday that threw Murty “under a bus” by his failure on the pitch, Halliday’s subsequent behaviour was an absolute disgrace in which he further dishonoured the Shirt that he has been given the privilege to wear.
  4. King

    King is a disease that is slowly killing our Club. The only cash that is truly going into our Club comes from the supporters. Loans for shares is all about control and has nothing to do with proper and planned investment. I am in despair as to how this will pan out.
  5. Murty.

    Murty is finished. But he is the just one part of the mess that King has created. King has got every significant decision with regards Rangers wrong since he took control. Murty has to go. But with King still running the Club we can expect more disasters to follow.
  6. Who ever comes in is going to need to be given cash to spend. So more loans I.e, more debt unless there is a change in Club ownership. Some how I think changing Manager is not the most significant position that requires new blood.
  7. Withholding ST Money

    King and this board appear to have no ideas as to how to get the Club back on a financially secure fitting. They have through bizarre managerial appointments managed to throw significant sums of Club money down the drain. The 2 things that are keeping the Club afloat are 1) Season ticket cash and 2) Soft loans. Unless some entity with enough cash to clear the Clubs debts arrived on the scene- if either the season ticket cash or the soft loans dry up, then we as a Club are in a potentially disastrous position. Therefore we as a support are in a no win position, we either risk killing the Club by withholding season ticket money or we risk watching a slow painful decline as described by BA. However I fear that withholding season ticket money could prove to deliver a certainty and is hardly going to encourage any serious business people to look at investing/ buying into Rangers as a positive deal.
  8. How Much More Of The Underwhelming Dave Can We Take?

    King prior to taking on the role of chairman of Rangers had through his past actions and indeed at critical times, inactivity,demonstrated, that he was not fit for the role. Since becoming Chairman he has proved his unfitness beyond all reasonable doubt.
  9. I am really pleased with what Murty has achieved given the state of things when he took over. I really cannot see any serious alternative to Murty unless there is a massive injection of cash funds into the Club- as things stand I don’t see that happening but hope I am proved wrong. The big question ref Murty is whether or not he can learn from mistakes and evolve on the job into a true Manager rather than a convenient/ handy/ cheap gap filler.
  10. Anti Meltdown Thread

    In my view we have definitely improved under Murty. However it is not enough of an improvement. But as others have said we don’t appear to have any genuine top level managers knocking at the door trying to get the job. So who do we replace Murty with? And given our current levels of debt, how can we afford to pay and resource such a manager? For me I cannot see an alternative to Murty, so yes I feel we have to give credit to his positives and hope that he learns quickly on the job. The secondary damage this result has caused is that it gives those behind us momentum and belief. The real measure of Murtyand his team is going to be how they handle this defeat. We don’t just need to learn how to beat celtic, we need to show we can beat Hibs. Today we threw away a lead in a game by effectively bottling when under the pressure of being in the lead. We need to show that we are not going to throw away second place in the League.
  11. ***Official Rangers Vs Falkirk thread***

    Excellent result - really looking forward to next week. Credit to Murty, never thought we would be playing like this at the beginning of the season.
  12. This thread ignores the fact that we tried to appoint a Manager after Pedro but were unable to do so. For whatever reason Murty was the only choice and after all the cash that had been splashed on Pedro C, and given our current financial situation Murty was probably the only affordable option. So given that, and given the fact that the table does show an improvement, I For one are very glad Murty was there to step into the breach. The fact that he has done so with enthusiasm, passion, and has grasped the responsibility firmly- is to his credit. We have as a Club been in a credibility free fall since the initial Warburton honeymoon period came to an end. Murty has stopped that. I get the argument that in previous years I.e pre Murray selling the Club for a £1 that Murty would never have got near the job. But we are in a very different position now- and for me Murty is doing a cracking job given his complete lack of previous management experience. Yes that lack of experience shows at times, and yes he gives too much away in interviews- but it’s a small price to pay IMO.
  13. Interesting Comments From Murty After Yesterday's Game

    I think the point he is trying to make has been lost in translation. My take is that he wants to stop the silly lost counter attack goals and keep discipline- yes we may be able to score our way out of trouble against Hamilton, but that sloppy approach could be very costly against better opposition. It’s a fair point. Murty has won another game let’s Him a break. Given where we were before he took over, I think he is doing an excellent job.
  14. Warburton on his signings

    Warburton used Rangers to get himself noticed down south and was quick to move when the Nottingham Forrest job became available. He is now jobless and once again wants to use the Rangers name to get himself some free publicity.