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  1. Lafferty left at the time the Club had fallen into the hands of Whyte/Green. Whilst I remember the embarrassing manner in which Lafferty left, I also remember large sections of our fan base falling hook line and sinker for Charles Greens rhetoric, promises and his vision for Rangers. Green at one point could do no wrong, yet he proved to be devious deceitful and self serving. I am not surprised at players not wishing to be employed by such a man, as they probably had much more insight into his true personality than the fans that charmed with his Rangeritis Chat. Lafferty left the Club as was his contractual right. Since he left we have seen the starve them out/ boycott campaigns led by our current Chairman Dave King.- but we seem happy to forget that, and Kings other antics during that period. If we are seriously to find fault with Lafferty then we must accept that King did no less to damage the Club. King is back and now so is Lafferty. If Gerrard who appears to have got nothing wrong so far, believes Lafferty is good for Rangers, then that is good enough for me. If Lafferty is genuinely embarrassed by aspects of his departure, and genuinely wants to atone then so much the better. At least Lafferty can not be charged with being a wage thief like many of those that stayed. McCoist at the time was regarded as a hero for staying, yet he took his silver pieces in the form of an excessive salary, shares, gardening leave and his subsequent pay off. We need to move on and focus on the future, which in on field terms is currently for the first time since Walter Smith was our Manager is beginning to look genuinely positive.
  2. 2 points lost due to the red card that they now say should never be given. Theres also the question of goal difference. Aberdeen have got of really lightly, but the real winners are celtic. 2 points clear already through the “ineptitude” of the Officials. We have effectively been handicapped on the very first day of the season. This could hurt us big time at the end of the season. Furious.
  3. Gerrard has inherited a total mess from a succession of Management Failures, McCoist, Warburton, Paedro C and Murty (I will omit McCall from the list). You do not undo such a mess in one short Lut of season summer. The reality is that this could have been another embarrassment, both for the Club (we have rather been getting used to these sort of failures lately) and possibly even more so for Gerrards reputation (which is so far unblemished). So well done Gerrard for negotiating this first hurdle. In the interview Gerrard comes across as professional, honest but seriously pissed off with the performance, and I am sure that will be transmitted to the dressing room. However he is an intelligent man and knows that ripping into the Squad in public is not clever in the long term. He needs the players onside with him, he needs them motivated and at the end of the day, he needs to maintain there market value as much as possible so should he get rid of them he can get as high a va.ue as possible unlike some of his predecessors who managed to completely destroy the market values of the players they got rid off to the detriment of the Clubs finances. His earlier comments ref Josh Windlass are to me a case in point. Clearly Gerrard and his team have a long way to go, and he needs time and we need to be patient and realistic (some hope). Ibrox is not going to be rebuilt in a day, and the better the foundations the better the future longevity. So he’s building from the back- finally, we have been screaming for this for years. The significant performance within these two games was the fact we kept a clean sheet. But yes we do need a proven striker.
  4. The only losers out of this deal is the poor bloody Australians.
  5. This really does not upset me. What we need to focus on is getting our game together. I have never liked BF as a person,but as a player he gave his all. Would love to see a Rangers team today with a few players of his quality and with his passion. Time to get our own House in order.
  6. MOH is clearly (and by his own admission and actions) a busted flush with Rangers. There are clear,y lessons to be learnt when recruiting in the future. But for me going forward, the priority is getting him off our books ASAP and maximising any value we can get for him so we can use those monies for the critical signings we need to ensure we are the strongest team in Scotland. He is now a complete irrelevance and non entity. Onwards not backwards...
  7. Jimmy Nicholl was the one Manager we had this year who behaved in every instance exact,y as a Rangers Manager should. Clearly in normal circumstances he would never have had the opportunity to Manage Rangers at this point in his career, but he did the job to the best of his ability and in my mind ensured we at least took 3rd place in the League. By the time he actually took on the role, securing 2nd was effectively out of his control. It’s been one of the worst seasons that I have endured at the Club, but Jimmy stopped it becoming worse. Thanks Mr Nicholl.
  8. I very much hope you are correct and I am indeed fucking stupid. But King has been in charge for a number of seasons now and during that time I have seen no actual investment I.e. hard cash going into the Club from sources other than season tickets or loans. I would applaud King whole heartedly if he does inject £25 million into the Club, which is close to the amount he was talking off when he was in the midst of his takeover campaign.
  9. If King’s solution to our mounting debts, ongoing losses, and the funding of SG and his planned recruitment Plans is a planned £6 million share issue, which he will struggle to deliver immediately due to his current situation with the Takeover Pane... then no wonder Board members might be seriously looking at the viability of their personal positions- especially in light of their big talk of funding a Rangers Squad that could match celtic. It’s all been smoke and mirrors. The only significant funding the Club receives is season ticket money from the Fan base who have had to watch their hard earned cash squandered year after year on successive failed managerial appointments. We need an immediate cash injection into the business (rather than loans/ increased debt) of in excess of £25 million to have any chance of genuinely taking on celtic.
  10. Recent Boardroom resignations are now beginning to make sense.
  11. We all have our opinions. IMO Paul Murray successfully undermined the previous Board and replaced one individual with a dubious reputation but incredible wealth with another individual with a dubious reputation and not enough wealth. King has invested no money into Rangers directly since taking over, but instead has the Club by the balls with the supposedly soft loans. Unless King pulls off a master stroke and actually has real investment into the Club organised rather than plans to add even more debt to fund the new Manager and their Football budget requirements, then I fear the Club is, under his stewardship, heading in a far worse direction. I just hope Murray is leaving because King has real investment lined up and is not a rat leaving a sinking ship.
  12. The key question is what does King mean by investment. Any cash other than Ticket and other fan income during his tenure have been in the form of loans. To date, since he took over there has been no new investment.
  13. This is an absolute disaster and one that has been in the making ever since Dave King took over. Yes the players are wrong, yes the manager has obviously lost the respect (if he ever truly had it) of the players and as such has no future. But this he is the third manager in succession (and all employed during Dave King’s tenure) to be proven to be unable to manage individual egos within the Rangers Squad. The people who should be first in the firing line should be the Directors. It is just one continual humiliation and fuck up after an other these days.
  14. This is what happens with an absentee chairman who is not fit for purpose. There is no true leadership within the Club.
  15. Andy Halliday gets a big pay cheque to wear the Rangers shirt. He was picked to play and failed to deliver. He was then replaced. What is the problem. You could argue that Murty had given him a massive opportunity and that it was Halliday that threw Murty “under a bus” by his failure on the pitch, Halliday’s subsequent behaviour was an absolute disgrace in which he further dishonoured the Shirt that he has been given the privilege to wear.
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