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  1. Murtys post match presser.

    Murty is a smart man, who listens to criticism, learns from his mistakes and is focused on the realities of the situation.
  2. Miller

    This Hearts game will be a real indicator of what’s really been happening over the last few months. Given recent form we should on paper struggle to win this game. It will be fascinating to see which Rangers turns up and if Miller is an inspirational figure or is he realistically past it.
  3. Murty's Presser

    Give Murty time and we will be no worse off than under Pedro C, Warburton and, Ally McCoist. This season is a complete disaster- we have no realistic chance of winning anything, and are very unlikely to get dropped with the squad we have. I believe we should give Murty and the Team our every support through thick and thin, and give the Club time to find a real long term Management solution. I will be interested to see how Murty does- he’s the one man on our radar that I think could produce the right sort of surprises.
  4. Good Luck Pedro

    Unfortunately I cannot see anything worthwhile that Pedro C has brought to Ibrox during his tenure. I can however see how much time and money has been wasted, and his numerous failures that have created the wrong sort of records. This has been a very expensive and destructive vanity period. Pedro C - I had never heard of him before, and I really don’t care if I never hear about him again.
  5. ***Suggestion Thread***

    The Pedro C reign was a disaster, Results and performances dropped after his arrival and due to his failures this season is already a failure, with an even bigger problem lurking as regarding the futures of his particular signings. At the same pre Pedro C players have been treated like lepers... there is a lot of repair work required. Give Murty time- don’t look for miracles and let’s ensure the Board get given time to get the next appointment right..
  6. The Case for keeping Pedro

    He got himself effectively sent off when the game was still there to be won. To my mind that was convenient when he has showed he effectively had no answers and nothing to offfer. He was required on the touch line and getting himself sent off was the beginning of the end. That said there is something very rotten about the whole manner in which both the ref and SFA have handled this incident- but he needed to be there to lead his team. But that is merely my opinion. I am deeply concerned that we have a situation developing where the Managers Ego is engulfing the Club. This is fast becoming the Pedro C show. Which would be just about palatable if he was successful. But how many unsatisfactory results do we need to accept before we wake up to the fact that we are in danger of wasting yet another season and have another Manager whose only interest is what they can get out of the Club.
  7. The Case for keeping Pedro

    The only case as I can see it for keeping Pedro C is that we cannot afford the costs involved with sacking him. His pay off and yet another clearout of an over priced and over paid squad. His results to date both this season and last have been dire. Personally I think we would have been no worse of if we had kept Murty as a Caretaker. I am not saying Murty was the answer ( McInnes would have been my choice) but we would not have wasted so much money. Can he turn it around with time? I am uncertain. Against Motherwell we were dominating the game right up until their first goal. The turning point for me was the Bowman Cardoso broken nose. 1) Bowman should have been sent off, however 2) Pedro C reaction in getting himself sent to the stands meant that any leadership he could have provided was lost. By getting himself sent to the stands it was almost as if he had given up. The players then appeared to follow suit and capitulate. I am also very concerned about the way in which he has handled Miller. That was the sort of game that Miller’s experience would have been invaluable. It appears that Miller was not the leak but instead has rattled Pedro C’s cage by questioning the manner in which things ar Rangers are heading. There is a valid argument that Miller is past it and that his performance levels this season do not merit selection. However there is also a concern that we have a Manager that cannot recognise his own failings and cannot accept criticism. At the same time I recognise a lot of what the OP says. We expect success because of who we are. That expectation is dangerous and hinders genuine organic growth. I just cannot see what the Board we’re trying to achieve (other than unearthing the next Mourinho) in recruiting Pedro. There was nothing on his CV, apart from his nationality to suggest he that sort of potential- and actually the priority should have been a safe pair of hands that could rebuild the Club sensibly/ safely and understood the basic requirements of Managing Rangers. What we have with Pedro C is a circus that completely distracts. Bull and Vampires is not the Rangers way. The writing has been on the wall since he first arrived- the record loss to celtic, the ending of the Aberdeen record, the Luxembourg failure- how much more writing do we need. It now looks to me as if he i waiting to be paid off, and that is the most worrying sign of all. His criticism of his players the day after he said he accepted full responsibility suggest to me that he is finished in his own mind.
  8. hannah & waddel miller not the source/leak

    All a storm in a tea cup. Kenny Miller is at the end of his career anyway and in real terms whether he leaves or stays will have very little impact. Of more significance is the need for the Squad to get working and creating some distance between us and St Johnstone plus we need to urgently start closing the gap on Aberdeen. For me anything less than 2nd place this season should be a sackable offence given the cash spent.
  9. The Pedro Caixinha Thread

    Pedro C- For me the manner in which he ran the team last season suggested that he was not the man for the job. Those end of season results were diabolical. The excuse was that he had nothing to lose (those records were not considered significant) and he was using the time to assess the players. So the results were shit and so the conclusion was the players were shit (even though the results achieved by the same players had been better before he arrived). So the players are told they are crap, it's all very public, their value plummets, and they go for peanuts to other Clubs that cannot believe their luck- at these other Clubs they begin to perform better than they had under Pedro. Meanwhile we get pumped out of Europe in the most embarrassing way possible but then win a couple of friendlies and all appears Rosie again. A slow start in the league but Pedro then does a course with Mourinho and is able to bask and absorb his glory. We have had some good games under Pedro C but we do not have any consistency. The guy is in my mind out of his depth and should never have been appointed. Yes we have won some games but with money spent- so we bloody should. But the Writing is on the Wall- this guy is not fit for purpose as Rangers Manager. Games like yesterday have to be won- especially against a 10 man team at the bottom of the league. I am not sure we can afford to get rid of Pedro C- but we sure as hell can only aspire to 2nd or 3rd place in the league with him at the helm.
  10. Photographic Proof

    Well done Pedro. It is very clear what he means, you would have to be stupid not to get it. Sutton also happens to be a complete dick of a man, who is trying to bully and mock. It's a cheap obnoxious trick. Pedro stands his ground admirably and makes Sutton and his gang of clowns look like the complete cowardly pricks they have just proved themselves to be by allowing Sutton to continue.
  11. Season Gone After 3 League Games

    I genuinely admire your positivity. I too have spent the last few months trying to focus on the positives since Pedro C took over. But the writing is well and truly on the wall. We have a Manager who is totally out of his depth. We have a Manager who has overseen some of our worst performances in our History. 3 games into the Season and we are already 5 points behind St Johnstone and only just scraping into the top half of the table. After the Hibs game Pedro was more focused on the antics of the opposing Manager than the fact he was completely outmanoeuvred. Quite frankly the last week has been one of the most embarrassing weeks in my memory- even more so than the Luxembourg defeat- which is saying something. After yesterday's game Pedro is pleased opposing teams are "showing us more respect"! Really?. Is that respect based on the fact that we drew with Hearts rather than lost all 3 points. Football is not about respect, it's about performance and winning. So far Pedro C has had 2 good wins against strong opposition. The problem is that both those games were effectively meaningless friendllies. Gogzy, I have the greatest respect for your views, but in this case we need quick and effective action to get a proper Manager in quickly, otherwise I believe the season will be effectively over before September. At the end of the day the target this season is to challenge Celtic. Already we have Kranjcar saying we can afford to lose all 4 games against Celtic yet still mount a challenge (yes I get he is being manipulated by journalists who take advantage of the fact he is speaking in a 2nd Language), but if our players are already accepting 2nd best to Celtic, then we are likely to be second best to others. We need immediate action.
  12. That's it for me

    It's now a complete cluster. I have tried to support Pedro C despite not understanding the thinking behind his recruitment. I have given him the benefit of doubt and given consideration that to rebuild he had to suffer some initial collateral damage. But how many significant disasters do we need to suffer before we wake up and realise that this man is not equipped to do the job. The Celtic record defeat. The loss of the Aberdeen record. Kicked out of Europe by part timers from Europes smallest country. Hibs last week. Hearts this week. FFS we have not even played them yet and we are already mid table and they, Aberdeen and St Johnstone are cruising away in the points race. There is no more time. Yet another season effectively conceded before September. Mr King- rather than playing Golf at Loch Lomond, maybe you should start fulfilling your responsibilities. This guy has to go. We were beaten by Hibs and yes the ref made an arse of it. But that does not justify the victim card that Pedro C has played. Rather than our management criticising the oppositions manager (and reporting him to the police), they should instead be focusing on righting the wrongs that they have created. Under this regime we are doomed to another year of fighting to finish 3rd or 4th in a league we should comfortably be finishing in the top 2. It's a cluster Mr King- sort it out.
  13. TLB, "Fans statement laughable"

    Unfortunately we have fed the monster.
  14. Hearts match can't come soon enough

    We need to be more streetwise. What is frustrating is that it was Jack that managed to get himself sent of by allowing the provocation to get to him, rather than those new to Scottish Football. Any team playing us that is short of talent will try to provoke- our guys need to be ready for it, and ignore it. We need three points not amateur dramatics. Actually I think we have a good Team, but it needs time. More alarming for me is the fact that Pedro C appears to have let the pressure get to him (which is huge) and appeared to be playing the Victim card rather than recognising that he had been outmanoeuvred. But smash Hearts and we start to feel good again. What was not lacking on Saturday was a tremendous support for the Team. The guys wearing the shirts need to get their acts together or that support will start to quieten. Whar we cannot afford to do is- replace yet another Manager and ship out another bunch of players. We need Pedro C to be successful. The Celtic game will be immense, win that and I can forgive the Hibs defeat. That will be the true acid test of Pedro's abilities. Another result like last time and I fear it will be game over for Pedro- and then it's back to another Groundhog Day.
  15. 1. Kenny Miller has been the one person constantly delivering over the last few years. His goals have salvaged draws from defeats and won games that looked to be slipping away. For me Miller is the one signing McCoist got right. 2. Jack needs to be savvy in such matters. At the end of the day whether or not he merited the red card, he still got himself a red card, and even if it is rescinded we will never get those 3 points back. Our players need to be aware that our players do not get given any leeway in such matters these days- the rights and wrongs of such matters are an irrelevance when it comes to the points table. 3. We know that the press love nothing better than to endeavour to compromise Rangers personnel at ever opportunity. Either it is the question that is thrown when one is off guard, or indeed the answer is taken completely out of context. 4. On one hand I agree that Miller should have kept his views out of the media, yet his point is completely valid and needed to be made directly to Jack- and that message reinforced by Pedro C. 5. We lost an important game yesterday. Not just 3 points lost, but 3 points lost to Hibs, and a Hibs managed by Lennon. What makes it all the more frustrating is that the Red Card did change the game. Yes the referee was in my view a disgrace. But we need to not give these guys any opportunities to shoe a red card. It is now a time for cool heads and determined focus. We need to stick together, back the whole Team (including Miller and Jack) and the Manager- otherwise we are likely to end up with another Cluster on our hands this year. There are signs we are turning a corner- but we need to give these guys time to breath, and get their act together. Hibs are a team that has been 3 years in the making, we have a team that in reality has only really just been introduced. I still have doubts ref Pedro C, however we have to give a fair crack of the whip. Yesterday's card decision was a travesty. Let's try not throw away anymore points.