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  1. He's young and will continue to improve. I would loan him out again next season but long term he could be pushing for a first team position. On a long term contract I believe so that's promising.
  2. Cloud

    Murty not relieved. Board contempt or not

    I agree, he shouldn't be left in charge for the remaining games. I'm not sure the board are prepared to pull the trigger though. If they were going to they would have done it by now surely. I worry that they'll be happy to let things rumble on as they are until the end of the season.
  3. Cloud


    You can blame the board for hiring an unknown manager with zero qualifying attributes and no track record to suggest he would succeed, allowing him to spend reasonably large amounts of money on largely poor players, then sacking him when things inevitably fall apart, and leaving the under 20s coach in charge for most of the season following a failed attempt to poach the manager of Aberdeen with no backup plan.
  4. Cloud


    I don't even know who/what Hummel is. Thought for a second he was going to be a managerial target before I opened the thread.
  5. Cloud

    Murty not relieved. Board contempt or not

    I can see Murty packing it in after a couple more doings. The whole situation is just ridiculous now.
  6. Cloud

    **Rangers v Heartz Thread**

    I'll probably change my mind before Sunday. Tempted to put Cummings in but not up front on his own. Maybe 4-4-2 instead. Not sure about the centre backs but Martin shouldn't even be on the bench for me, and we seem to have let everyone else leave.
  7. Cloud

    Mcrorie myth

    I've been more impressed with him in CDM than centre half. That said, given the other options at centre back, I'll have him in there ahead of the likes of Martin and Cardoso.
  8. Cloud

    Candieas & Hallidy

    Making the early substitution was one of the few things Murty did right today, but it looked like desperation more than a really convincing attempt to change the game. Throw Windass on and hope for the best. He still picked Halliday to start, which was a big mistake. And Cummings or Miller should have been brought on at some point, couldn't believe it when Holt was brought on. Alves should have started ahead of Martin as well. Can't blame the players if they're having a go at Murty as he's continuing to make some bizarre decisions, although they should take a look at themselves after today before mouthing off about being subbed as the performance was shocking across the board.
  9. Cloud

    Is FDB the right choice?

    I'm not sure even Walter would be able to turn this lot around. Why would he take the job again and risk tarnishing his legacy?
  10. Cloud

    Too many confidence players

    Not going to disagree with that.
  11. Cloud

    Russell Martin

    I'd have Cardoso in ahead of him. How Murty can start him ahead of Alves is beyond me. He's made mistakes leading to goals at least every other game. Absolute bombscare.
  12. Usually lurk on here more than post, but I'm raging after watching that and need to rant somewhere. Performance was abysmal today, and made me realise once again that we have too many players that blow hot and cold based on confidence. Too many players that are incapable of getting on the park and just getting stuck in because they were scared today. Too many players that believe their own hype when we're winning games against lower division opposition only for the heads to drop and everything to fall apart when we're met with an actual challenge. You can say what you want about whether the ability is there or not, I would argue that ability wise about half the team are good enough, and half clearly are not. However it was not just a lack of ability today. I would never accept a defeat to them, but I would understand if we went out and gave it everything and ended up beaten, but that was not just a gap in ability today. That was missing heart, effort, and belief. It looked like the players knew they were beaten before walking on the park. The confidence performers are part of modern football, but we need more steady, reliable heads that will get us through bad patches. Right now when one head drops, everyone's head drops, and the team falls apart. Murty is clearly not helping this situation, as the way he comes across in interviews suggests he is just as prone to this as the players.
  13. Cloud

    *****The Official Rangers vs Hibs Thread*****

    I'm not one to moan about refereeing decisions, but this ref has lost the plot. Hasn't been able to control the game at all, and how Jack can get a red when Stokes is still on the park is beyond me. We can still pull this back, but I feel like the ref will be delighted to send off more of our lads.
  14. Performance has been fantastic tonight. I almost can't remember the last time I saw us in control of a game like this. Players look up for it, we're winning loose balls. Hopefully a sign that things are starting to come together.
  15. This is hopeless, we have to lose this long ball rubbish. Every time we're just giving the ball straight back to Motherwell.