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    I don't even know who/what Hummel is. Thought for a second he was going to be a managerial target before I opened the thread.
  2. I'll probably change my mind before Sunday. Tempted to put Cummings in but not up front on his own. Maybe 4-4-2 instead. Not sure about the centre backs but Martin shouldn't even be on the bench for me, and we seem to have let everyone else leave.
  3. I'm not one to moan about refereeing decisions, but this ref has lost the plot. Hasn't been able to control the game at all, and how Jack can get a red when Stokes is still on the park is beyond me. We can still pull this back, but I feel like the ref will be delighted to send off more of our lads.
  4. Performance has been fantastic tonight. I almost can't remember the last time I saw us in control of a game like this. Players look up for it, we're winning loose balls. Hopefully a sign that things are starting to come together.
  5. I'm Stranraer. My goalkeeper just scored from a goal kick
  6. This is hopeless, we have to lose this long ball rubbish. Every time we're just giving the ball straight back to Motherwell.
  7. Novo's coming off instead of Cousin now
  8. How are we gonna score if we keep punting the ball up to nobody? I'm getting sick of this.
  9. I can see this being a tough game, Dundee United aren't too bad. Confident we'll win of course, but not taking anything for granted. We'll need a solid performance.
  10. They're saying we're also interested in that Lafferty guy that the hoops are after.
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