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  1. Only one team pressing the ball .our midfield are nowhere to be seen and once the tiredness creeps in we are gonnae get royaly fucked.away tae walk the dug.fuckin sick of it.
  2. Team full of cunts that can't do the basics will end up 5 again
  3. The midfield will be totally overrun, not a tackle or an ounce of fight amongst them.this is going to get really messy I think.
  4. I think the only chance of keeping the score down is to play Senderos ,Hill and Wilson across the back .Hodson at right back ,tavernier and Halliday as defensive mids and McKay Ohalleran and Miller to chase around the midfield .the scum are lethal at set pieces and if we play with two central defenders I shudder at what the final score will be
  5. Oh ally will reveal all to us ,just as soon as the court cases are over and we're prepared to stump up for the book ,the greedy ,lazy ,lying,money grabber that he is
  6. What more can you say about this fuckin parasite.tell the fuckin truth ally ,you simply were not prepared to see your shareholding diluted.shares you got for next to fuck all to perpetrate the scenario that Green &eco were the bees knees.go back to making a cunt of yourself on tele you fuckin chancer
  7. Compared to a Scottish bullshitter who has done nothing of note in football and is plying his trade in one of the worlds worst leagues ? I think I'll take my chances with Pedro ,ta very much
  8. Not as fuckin fed up as the fans who are paying to watch the fuckin imposters.when is this Supposed "captain " going to stop a cross coming into the box he got roasted by a fuckin juvenile tonight.as for the other cunt he's not even worth commenting on.
  9. Pride and this team don't belong on the same page.we will get a doing at the piggery .as for the Scottish cup I don't give a fuck if accies put us out as it will save further humiliation in the next round no matter who we play.no manager can make any difference to this team of useless cowardly no marks
  10. A fuckin laughing stock ,nothing more ,nothing less.every last one should be shown the door .the biggest shower of cowardly imposters ever to wear the jersey.fuck knows where we go from here .utterly sick of the whole fuckin thing.
  11. When is this supposed "captain" going to stop crosses coming into our box.same every fuckin game.
  12. Lost all faith in this bunch of bottle merchants.if Inverness get stuck in we have no chance of even drawing this one. 3-1 loss imo
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