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  1. looks like the paedo's aint up for the battle, lustig wanting off, benkovic bottle crashed. loving this so far
  2. how often do we have 2 men go make a tackle and the opposition still come away with the ball
  3. couldnt start to early, as got the daughter aswell and she is only 6 the missus is at work
  4. Beers opened, let's get this sorted and show who we fucking are
  5. Folded yet again. Players need to take a look at themselves now. As it's repeatedly happening
  6. any win will do, expect a sluggish match with alot of aggression and at least 4 yellows for us
  7. take the points, but performance needs to improve tenfold if we want to considered title challengers
  8. shock horror, maybe best to accept we are midtable outfit now, as nothing changes no matter who is on the fucking park
  9. this is shocking and we are performing like a mid table team, always the same get the ball in the midfield, pass it back to defence, then out to full backs rinse and repeat. starting to seem like there is no player we can trust to perform on the park
  10. Lafferty has gotta be one of the laziest players in and around the team. Comfortable 1-0 won, but dreaded near the end with Hamilton's free kicks and corners. Thank fuck Alfredo isnduenback from suspension, any new striker should push lafferty to 3rd choice
  11. Need to start converting chances, otherwise it is going to backfire again
  12. Performances of the last 2 games has warranted us not winning the league. These players can't cope with the pressure
  13. Forget that. This half we have done fuckall. As bad as folk saying we will win 4 or 5 nil. We ain't got that scoreline in the team
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