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  1. congrats and couldnt ask for a better result for it to happen
  2. old firm, beer and glen moray as well as babysitting aint a good mix, but by god the feeling is brilliant
  3. Alfredo doesnt need a goal in an old firm game to show what he is worth, he rag dolls them cunts and does everything outwith scoring and allows others to get the goal. in fucking dream land just now
  4. i want the players and backroom staff to go to the bheast fans and give it big licks to the bastards
  5. never even noticed that, the beer and whisky is taking effect and making some letters look in a different place
  6. got away with that, stick them and fucked them like the been fucked by the catholic paedo church. wanna hear those tears running down walkers face
  7. kent has destroyed them at times today, and dont think he is 100% yet either
  8. fucking hell, hit it, this could come back and bite us in the arse
  9. need to concentrate now, every player needs to now step up and give even more. no stupid balls or losing the tempermant
  10. looks like the paedo's aint up for the battle, lustig wanting off, benkovic bottle crashed. loving this so far
  11. how often do we have 2 men go make a tackle and the opposition still come away with the ball
  12. couldnt start to early, as got the daughter aswell and she is only 6 the missus is at work
  13. Beers opened, let's get this sorted and show who we fucking are
  14. Folded yet again. Players need to take a look at themselves now. As it's repeatedly happening
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