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  1. Had faith in Ryan when he signed, could see how he played and was more of a doing the dirty work type player. Now he has added to his game and become more balanced type midfielder, some of his crossing left footed last night was brilliant and unlucky noone stuck the ball in the net
  2. Hasn't ajear went off injured the last 3 games and then played the next one
  3. That's what rape looks like. Alfredo made a mug out of them
  4. The sun is shining, the beers is flowing and the paedos don't know what to do with themselves hahaha
  5. Stupid bastard mcgregor is. Could have cost us the win now
  6. Can see they bastards sneaking a goal, and we fail to hit the back of the net
  7. The sheep are playing with 3 strikers, Cosgrove, may and wilson
  8. Fucking riding our luck,can see these bastards scoring from a corner
  9. http://www.hesgoal.com/news/41765/Hamilton_vs_Rangers.html
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