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  1. I've given both these posters positive feedback for buying and selling. Pretty sure it was returned. @southdown 1916 @ianb1547 And @cameron1873 have always been reliable aswell.
  2. The cunt won't be short of big fights still. Hopefully Edgar calls him out and takes his belt.
  3. Happy with those results. Great finish from Diaz.
  4. I know it's early mate but any spares for Falkirk, Raith and Hibs I will take a few.

    thanks in advance and for help with tickets earlier in the season.

  5. What a fight. No robbery but close, damage over volume for this 1 I would say. It wasn't like Lawler was hiding in any way. Would love to see these guys going for it again. Rounds 4 and 5 were amazing.
  6. It is but going by the reaction of their chairman Andy Holt in guessing the conpensation due is quite low. I know it also depends on if they offered a contract to the players.
  7. Don't imagine we would be paying Accrington the same compensation fee for both as Windass has been there 2 years longer. I would say paying Accrington the remainder of their contracts plus the compensation fee would be a good deal if cheap enough.
  8. Can see your point, a good point to make on signing these boys. Dele Alli was an MK Dons player last season in league 2 and is 1 of champions league chasing Spurs best players this season. Agree with the other guy who mentioned Bradshaw too possibly unlikely now tho.
  9. Jack Smith at EK his dad's Andy Smith (Airdrie & Dunfermline). Jack Smith looks to be signing for Airdrie now too.
  10. Time for frankie Edgar to prove he shouldn't have been overlooked. Can't believe Aldo with his experience got caught so clean like that. Got to feel for him as he is/has been the best overall for so long but he did let himself get caught with the 1 thing McGregor is better at.
  11. DJ is like the mayweather of flyweights in UFC. The way he was able to make Dodson fight at his pace and even land a few great shots tells how technically sound he is. Dodson is a tough wee energetic guy with great power for the division yet Johnson finished the fight pretty fresh without a mark.
  12. Big herb with another early stoppage. Mendes was still defending himself with only 10seconds of the round left. A round which he could have won if he had the chance to hold on for a few seconds. I can't believe how gassed out he was though which like Cain Velazquez was his downfall. As much as mcgregor walks the walk I think Aldo would destroy him going on that fight. Mendes should have done better considering how easily he was taking him down.
  13. Being more serious though I would be happy with Cathro, Warburton or Pereira they all have risks but Also offer a new exciting direction.
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