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  1. 4 in a row

    We will be the only team to do 5 though.
  2. 4 in a row

  3. Rumours of Brunt and McArthur

    It's not.
  4. 2002-2003 Diadora NTL Away Shirt White

    Pretty sure I have 2 of those.
  5. Favourite Rangers and Loyalist Song?

    They change all the time but The Billy Boys and No Pope of Rome probably. Right now at games and going it's Every Saturday we follow, When I was young and UDA all the way.
  6. ***Feedback Thread***

    I've given both these posters positive feedback for buying and selling. Pretty sure it was returned. @southdown 1916 @ianb1547 And @cameron1873 have always been reliable aswell.
  7. Dorrans As a Rangers youth player.

    Rangers South at the crownie
  8. every Saturday we follow

    This 1 is a good effort from them.
  9. Ibiza game

    Was in the highlander for a friendly in 2008, I think it was v schalke. The place was bouncing and a few boys had flutes out. So I would try there for the game.
  10. Soccer 7s

    Honk Kong soccer 7s, there will be a squad from the u20s in the main tournament and a few old players in the masters under the name of citi.
  11. Pedro : We have to stop the leaks

    I Don't do Twitter mate. Get what u mean tho.
  12. Pedro : We have to stop the leaks

    Don't be a grass.
  13. Football buzzwords

    People that take words from FM or FIFA and use them at matches. a guy near me was shouting for kiernan and hill to "jockey" and "contain" for about 5 mins against Hamilton. Cunt would have been aswell shouting L2, R2. Its called marking, tracking or holding up. "parking the bus" Was good when Jose 1st used it "he's beat the keeper there" when a shot is off target by a yard or so.