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  1. Imagine we had the usual trio of Kamara , Davis, Jack. ●
  2. Jack has been anonymous imo so far this season. Sits far to deep, collecting the ball of the CBs to pass to Kamara who is also 20 yards from our goal. Rinse and repeat.
  3. wonder if the game agaisnt the sheep will be cancelled now?
  4. Camped at 0-0 mate. Never coming out at 3 -0. Got a bit of luck the day and really need to go and get a few more goals.
  5. Felt Barasic shod have shot! Lucky break for one. Yas Davis coming on to hold the lead
  6. Now Jack, Hagi, Kamara and Kent off. Seriously though few subs, change it up. 2 up top.
  7. Come on Buff, So happy he has a goal. And from a Tav corner!
  8. McGregor Tav Helander Balogun Barisic Aribo Jack Roofe Hagi Kent Morelos Got to be enough..........
  9. Gotta love how we sell our game! The impartiality in our "journalists" But its done its job, people talking, clicking, tweeting. Stir Up the Bears 🐻 Promote and click only on our positive stuff. There are hundreds of thousands of us - concerted effort in everyone supporting and promoting we drown this shite out. I would rather people posted the positive links.... The club website, twitter, journalists who give us a fair shake. Starve out the haters! I know Uber fan!
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