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    Great to see him banging in the headers now. He missed a few his first season and was described here as having a head shaped like a 50p. Love the wee man.
  2. Great to see him adding goals to his game. It's not something he's had before, but will help the team immensely. He's been outstanding this season and you can tell we miss him when he's been out of the tea.m.
  3. Was interesting to see Morelos spending a fair bit of the early game out on right, swapping with Barker. Gave them something different to think about but we lose the obvious out ball when he's not spearheading the attack. Thought we did a bit better when he moved back in. The other wingers pressure the space a bit better too when they're outwide and he's through the middle. Excellent performance all in all though. Borna too, great crosses all night, great positions too. His crossing is so dangerous and the pass for the goal was inch perfect.
  4. Shades of the Lafferty goal last season that Borna also set up. Absolutely cracking goal.
  5. He annouced his retirement back in May, but his last game was yesterday
  6. Their first goal was a brain fart and a stupid mistake. One that probably doesn't get made again. Losing Jack didn't help either. Thought he was bossing it until he went off.
  7. That was a pish way to lose the game. Should have had it tied up then a bit naive to lose it they way we did. 2 big mistakes from Tav. He's at fault but the over reaction that's about to come on RM will be ridiculous.
  8. Lots of really shit passing in the final third, luckily from both teams, not just us. Jack playing well. Some finish from Morelos too. Ojo needs to do more. Touch, passing and decision making all letting him down at the moment. Though it looked like he might have been having a bit more luck towards the end of the half. Really disappointed he didn't at least test the GK at the end there.
  9. Fantastic today. Great close control. A touch sharper on his finishing and he'd hedge had a couple more.
  10. Watch it again. First view of it I thought he was lucky. Seeing it again and there no way it's a red.
  11. Their player comes from behind, gets level, stretches a leg out in front, fails to play the ball and takes them both down. It's never a red card.
  12. Poor overall but we need to be winning games when we don't play well, and we did. Barasic played well again. Alfredo mixing his play up and set up a few great chances that we should have put away. Defending was poor, losing battles for high balls all day long and the midfield got bullied and were second to too many balls. Ref didn't help much either. Felt like a UFC fight more than a football game at times.
  13. CBs getting bullied and not winning their headers. Route 1 from Livingston and we're struggling badly. Need to stop playing into their hands and get the ball on the shite turf. Katic in for Helander would be a good move too.
  14. Hats off to Barasic and Ojo for the goal. Fully expected Barasic not to win that ball and I wasn't expecting Ojo to unleash that rocket of a shot. 2nd half was a bit nervy, especially near the end, loads looked knackered. But what a night and a great result. 1-0 going on 4-0.
  15. European games should suit Barasic and Aribo more than the likes of Livi. Wasn't great today but we won a game against a stuffy side after going 0-1 down. That'll do for me.
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