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  1. Hats off to Barasic and Ojo for the goal. Fully expected Barasic not to win that ball and I wasn't expecting Ojo to unleash that rocket of a shot. 2nd half was a bit nervy, especially near the end, loads looked knackered. But what a night and a great result. 1-0 going on 4-0.
  2. European games should suit Barasic and Aribo more than the likes of Livi. Wasn't great today but we won a game against a stuffy side after going 0-1 down. That'll do for me.
  3. Big shout to put him straight in today. Hope that's not a serious muscle injury..
  4. Not easy as an attacking full back if the winger ahead of you is having a bad game as the space often isnt there. Thought he did well.
  5. https://streamable.com/8xedz - Winning goal more anyone that missed it
  6. Fucking deserved that the dirty bastards. And the game being paused by flairs better result in some serious punishment, that felt like it was very deliberate. What a cross, what a finish. Did anyone see what actually happened with Jones at the end and the post whistle stuff? Got to laugh at Morelos, firstly running in to calm things down then keeping well away from the 2nd one. Good lad.
  7. Think he's doing better than mediocre. His crosses have been decent and he's looked solid in defence. I'd go as far to say he's doing better than Tav at the moment.
  8. Switched over to the old player and working grand now. Looking forward to getting stuck into them. Crowd sounds great.
  9. For probably the first time since I signed up last year, it's stuttery as fuck so far. Lets hope it settles down once everyone has logged on.
  10. It's built in to most tv's these days, so while the standalone dongle is less often used, the functionality is still used an awful. No where near defunct. I'm in Canada I've ever had a problem with buffering, slow loading or lag. The bit rate drops too often but I can't tell if thats on my end or theirs. Didn't even have a problem for the first Legia game.
  11. Happy with the clean sheet. Would have liked to have seen Jones on around the 70 minute mark, Ojo was getting balls but clearly knackered. Wee bit disappointed we didn't knick a goal but I think we've got enough to beat them at Ibrox.
  12. As usual I wonder what game some of the folk here were watching.
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