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  1. whatnobeer


    We shouldn't be spending all this time getting him fit then getting shot of him just because he doesn't immediately set the heather on fire. I'd keep him for at least another year and give him the time to re-establish himself. A short term loan deal might work but if his loan club don't look after him the game is up.
  2. whatnobeer

    U18’s Battle Through In Youth Cup

    Mebude getting lessons from Morelos?
  3. Balls there to be played, it's not in the keepers hands and he pulls out and doesn't hurt anyone. A tad reckless yes, but not out of control. Yellow at the most for me. Keepers get too much protection. If he's studded him in the face then I'd have no arguments, as it was, harsh red.
  4. whatnobeer


    He offers so little threat going forward and that ends up limiting which ever winger is playing on that same wing. And if it wasn't for shagger his ball across to Worral (who was also at fault) then we'd have lost the game on Thursday.
  5. whatnobeer

    We are going through, we are due a break

    Pretty sure they said 2 points from the 2 games 🙄
  6. whatnobeer

    We are going through, we are due a break

    One the commentators mentioned we only needed 2 points I think. Not correct though. We need to win.
  7. whatnobeer

    We are going through, we are due a break

    They've a good home record, but in this group all the teams are close and with a little more experience we should be through already. It'll be a tough game over there but I think we have enough.
  8. whatnobeer

    Disciplinary action

    Should be bloody Collum up there on a charge of bring the sport into disrepute. Unbelievable.
  9. Flanagan got ripped a new one when we played Spartak. Keep Halliday there, he's done well at LB recently and he can't be much worse than Flanagan has been.
  10. whatnobeer


    A good player with a shite team will tend to look fairly shite, especially when his team is a man down. He was easily their best player in the 1st half but faded, like their whole team in the 2nd. Has potential and good competition for our wing.
  11. whatnobeer


    Plenty of shitebag comments like that in the match thread.
  12. whatnobeer


    We're going to get one every time most of this forum explodes and makes outrageous suggestions like sack the manager.
  13. Because chopping and changing the manager and the whole team every season doesn't work. Players take time to settle. How long did it take for Man City to come together to be good enough to start winning things after their take over? It wasn't right away. Clearly our defence needs work but I'm not going to take a game in Europe at a level we've not been at for years as an example of how pish we are. League form is better but we've scored the 2nd most goals and only 2 teams have conceded less goals. We're no where near as bad as some would think.
  14. Poor defensively but they'd rip most SPL teams. Don't but into the narrative that they're a poor team. They're not.
  15. whatnobeer

    Flanagan cost us that game

    He was pretty poor in sections of the game, notably at the goals. He did play that sweet ball over the top for Candeias though. Not much though considering we should have won that.