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  1. Start leaking goals When Katic is out,continue leaking goals when he is picked.Common denominator is Goldson,get him to fuck
  2. saltire266


    The plan to harass him and fuck with his mind by the whole Fenian Scotland Brigade has worked to a T.He wont score many more goals this season and will bail out in the summer.After we fucked them in December they needed a huge effort to ensure we couldnt 55,referees,harras our top goal scorer etc. Our Board and Club have done nothing to protect him or the fans from all the dirty tricks .Gerrard should have put his head on the block and spoken out with the good reputation he has many would have listedned but he stuck his head in the sand.Job is too big even for Gerrard.
  3. Tav fuckin gash ! How can you hit a ball like that in such an important chance
  4. Manager should be talking to the players and driving them on !Just stands with the blank look
  5. Gerrard sitting silent on the touchline! Shoukd be balling and shouting at them Rabbit in headlights doesn't change anything like Warburton will be his downfall
  6. Hagi has to play in the middle,Aribo has to be in the middle and Kent has to be on the wing!They are all playing out of position and they are pish in the positions they are being made to play.No cutting in or no drifting out.Keep it simple to the players best abilities . Gerrard needs to get back to basics or he will be out before the summer
  7. Time do dig really deep and go unbeaten,its still possible but only if the team want it!Put all the players in with a bit of dig and get behind them,we have a game in hand and two against those cunt thats 9 points.Push them right to the wire
  8. The scum will drop points however we really need to galvanise and win all our games, Huge 9 points up for grabs then deal with all the diddy clubs . Need to pick a team thats good against SPL players,Stewart,Polster,Jones,Katic,Jack What about a 3-4-3 Mcgregor Edmunson Goldson Katic Tav/Polster Jack Hagi Barisic Kamberi Morelos Stewart Bench : Jones,Kent,Davis,Patterson,Foderingham or a 3 -4-2-1 Mcgregor Edmunson Goldson Katic Tav/Polster Jack Hagi Barisic Jones Kent Morelos/Stewart
  9. Tav is half the player he was after we let Candeias go!! The right side has been a mess since he has left actually,miss his work rate and his dig
  10. Creating by hitting first man or ballooning it way past the back post and out for a goal kick you mean?
  11. We are struggling to score 1 a game nevermind 3
  12. Judge it over two games? Having a more suitable captain makes a whole lot of differances
  13. Never been a fan of Davis however he has been successful on may levels ,past it now. jack would relish it I think could only do it next season however it might do wonders for Tav to not have that weight on him.
  14. Someone who can inspire and give a bit of dig.Tav doesn't have that in his persona. Jack or Davis both have that experience already. I Like a captain with a bit of aggression
  15. I meant in general not about last night,think he might be a better player if that responsibility was taken off him
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