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  1. Barry Ferguson on Naisthmith

    Best thing the club have done for years is keep that wee cunt Baz at arms length . Must burn him to fuck knowing he will never get a job with us.Fuck him
  2. Stuart Taylor

    Bomber will get it! Trough guzzlers top of the list
  3. The Dalcio Gomes

    Said start if the season he is a very good player , one of the best at the club.Needs a run of games and people will see how much quality he has. Pedro was no mug with an eye for players.
  4. Kris Boyd On Summer Signings

    Yip and both of them have been given a decent run in the team.
  5. Kris Boyd On Summer Signings

    guys from a far away country ,don't speak the language and are doing their best to settle with the little playing time they get. Again a negative witch hunt on our players and if I was them I would be heading out too. The negativity within our support and many times worse the Media in Scotland has a huge impact on our club and football here in general. Unless new players are diehard supporters as kids they wont ever get half a chance. Time to wake up
  6. Auchenhowie extension work set to commence

    Did anybody get asked what would they like done with the money or was it just stolen by King for the stand?
  7. Auchenhowie extension work set to commence

    Or see who's mates got the construction and maintenance contracts for it. Where there is money there is always some cunt wanting a back hander and it wont be seen in the accounts!!
  8. Auchenhowie extension work set to commence

    The money should have been spent cleaning Ibrox and replacing the aged plastic shite.
  9. Beerman to QotS

    Good luck to him, decent lad with a great non nando`s spice boy attitude. A good replacement for Wallace in the summer.
  10. God bless the 66

    Normal people going to support a club and watch a sport they love in a day where it was a sport. They never went home that day. God bless their families and help them through the darkest of days. May all the beautiful 66 rest in peace. They are forever a part of our sacred Ibrox and this will be forever protected as our home .
  11. Its never going to work out. I feel sorry for him but time to bite the bullet and cut the rope, good luck to the boy for the future.
  12. Bruno and Niko

    And a knack for scoring at set pieces!
  13. Windass V Windass soccer am

    Watched it and cant believe that a pro footballer who is paid so much money cant at least get the ball on the target 10 times out of 10. Windass was picked to look good .Good thing about it though is it keeps us in the limelight on the TV
  14. Alves needs to go

    Clint Hill gave us twice as much , Alves couldn't lace big Clints boots
  15. Youth players next to step up

    Now we have Barjonis, McRorie ,Beerman and Bates who have been doing well in the first team . For the guys that watch the youth games who are the next 2 or 3 that should be given time here and there in matches?