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  1. Paul Murray I am guessing, another unqualified nobody who is in a position that you couldn't even get into with a Willy Wonka golden ticket.
  2. Its high time we fucking hunt Trayner and his PR team because sure as fuck he will be leaking plenty. Should be a banning offence in here even mentioning that Rhag newspaper all you ever read on here is negative stories on a daily basis from it.
  3. Usually they appear near the end of the year looking for Ebeneezer King
  4. Probably his best yet ! Batted them away so fast that they didn't have time to know their next question . The usual bitch asking questions that are just rumours. I really wish we would fuck all the media cunts off and do something different. The media here are absolute scumbags again misquoting what he had actually said previously, he put her right on the fucking ball with his answer. The club and its pals act should be hung up and burned on a stake
  5. Foderingham New New Wilson Beerman Dorrans Jota Pritchard Weiss Soriano SUBS : Vuckic, Alnwick, Bates, Paterson, Hill. Oduwa ,Burt
  6. Good guy to have for a year as a back up with knowledge about playing for the club,new players will need to bed in
  7. The most important thing is the lad gives his all every game he pulls on that jersey ! Puts 90% of our squad to shame. Younger Clint would have been a steal for us,give him another year otherwise we need a minimum 1.5 million CB
  8. I want Oduwa back just so we have a skilled player that wants to run at people all day long and cross
  9. How can his touch and finish be so poor when he attended that shooting practice course??
  10. I'm pretty sure he said " see you next season when you have your own team and we can have a battle "
  11. Sorry but Wagorn is absolutly rank rotten as a footballer! Should be out the team for good
  12. Was going to say McKay and Dodoo at HT 😂😂
  13. Don't know who to believe.Only thing I can say is Bomber is classless and him appearing in everything you see at the club is worrying.Obviously being repaid for the effort he put in for King. Can we not find a better ex player who is a better ambassador for everything.FFS you can smell the desperation from him trying to be Sandy Jardine .He won't even get close to how that man was seen in the eyes of football and beyond
  14. What about a decent brothel ?? Bears could go to the Louden and have a pint then go to EH and get their hole before watching the match. What a great day out !!
  15. If he has gone then I doubt he really had much say. The lure of a house free and his parents being able to brag about it would have pushed this over the line. Dad will have a Jag within a year and the Dubai holidays will keep the parents happy regardless of what happens with a football career.