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  1. After yesterday`s great news and the possibility of extra transfer money,If we could buy a real quality player around the 3 million mark who would you want and why?
  2. KIng always appears to take the praise when anything positive happens. Still my belief that him and Murray should be hunted from the club. If anything has been done it must have been the 3 bears
  3. Nice goal he scored against Lithuania !
  4. FFS you better have a tin hat on mate
  5. Love all these players arriving and dodging the scum media at the airport
  6. We got nearly 2 million from SPL this season and 500k for the sale of Gilmour so a transfer fee shouldnt be a problem for a player
  7. The sun are running a story now about it.The heat is on
  8. The times before when he has been trolling he has said he isn't coming back or maybe one day .This time he has said fuck all . I have only met him once in Qatar and forget about the twitter shite but for sure he is Rangers daft. Time will tell but if its a no go then I'm done with him good player or not.
  9. That's terrible At least my source is credible, I never started the thread
  10. I will be absolutely astonished if he doesn't appear to sign a contract in the next few days
  11. I'm only going by what the lad told me who has friends working at the club. I asked him for an update and he only said a deal have been agreed, He also said Weiss and the manager are pretty close so that's as much as I know .The reason for him to return could be 1. Enjoys working for PC 2.Rangers are back in Europe which will help his international career as he had a fall out recently and was dropped. 3. Family need to get back to Europe 4. Loves playing for Rangers I very much doubt wages etc would be a problem,could strike a deal easy with shirts sales or something v wages. Hope he signs soon so I can move onto the next one
  12. Club and staff will say fuck all its Pedros regime and anyone caught spouting is for the door strictly. The mhedia only have the forums etc to pick from and no real sources The fact that he has said nothing and been very quiet on his twitter tells its own story. His wife eating an English breakfast then him with a suitcase,cryptic as fuck and very smart.Lets see next few days.All reporting for preseason on Monday fro the European assault. FTP and anyone else that stands in our way,next season will have passion in abundance and we will be more than a match for the scum
  13. Most of the deals have been spilled by the players selling clubs,Rangers have said nothing about anything. This has been the best transfer window for a long time with us doing our business away from the scum mhedia and no idiots waiting at the airport to get the scoops.
  14. Confirmed from my contact in Doha,deal is done ,expected in Glasgow to sign