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  1. Said a while back that we really needed players of around 2 million for each position.We hunted in the bargain basement last few times and it's actually cost us millions in lost prize money etc . One qualification for Europe and we could cover it.
  2. Winger and a left back please! Why don't we use Beerman as the left winger?
  3. Heard Vlad is leaving Al Gharafa but no clue where he is going. Just saying
  4. Time to buy a few direct attacking players that are not afraid to take a shot or drive at defenders.This is the differance between a success or didaster this season. Weiss is the first for me,easy gamble. Also Miller and Niko benched
  5. Fod ,Miller, Kranjcar and Wallace not good enough. Need more real quality 10 Million please Board
  6. Walker ffs people want to throw 1 million quid for him
  7. Keep getting that spinning silver circle as the video loads every fucking week choppy as!
  8. The could have usd a clear protection film like on a car and you would never have even noticed
  9. Get all the banners around the stadium to fuck, we don't want or need them. A few grand and wash the place FFS
  10. He is still greeting Vuckic never came
  11. Alicante and Amsterdam also
  12. Pedro has deffo gone to meet a player and bring him back with him. What airport was it? gone to Qatar to pick up Vlad?
  13. Its Senderos!
  14. Heard nothing mate. I think if walker dosent appear that would be the only chance he might now appear.They had a good relationship in Qatar and was relied on a lot.I m pretty sure both of them have spoken a bit and the stumbling block is the fee. When the tweets go and the bears go into meltdown Pedro will be well aware of it and it might end up being the ace up his sleeve. I noticed one of the local lads there who possible chats to him on WhatsApp has asked him where he is going on twitter ??
  15. That taig bitch asks the same shite every week and Pedro blew her out,she then asks Tav the same fucking questions!! Somebody at the club get her to fuck out of our pressers snidely wee rattler she is!