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  1. New Manager... Who?

    Ian Holloway for me
  2. New Manager... Who?

    We need real quality players not 6 million each but players valued at 2 million each. We have a squad that compares with most of the other teams and no we don't have a right to beat anyone in football. 11 v 11
  3. New Manager... Who?

    6 - 10 million January job done ,Pedro will run the scum close
  4. Things we can all agree on

    The way everything is going on would we agree on these? 1. Scottish football is in its worst state ever 2. Time to bring in referees from other countries or video replays to help us 3. Pedro needs to be in 2nd place by Christmas within 6 points of the scum or its time up 4. Pena isn't going to cut it here 5. Windass is a lost cause 6. We need cash injection for players and stadium maintenance 7. Need to shift about 8 players out the club in January 8. The board have to go 9. Alice needs to get a decent makeup artist or stay off the clay
  5. Someone please justify his position

    You don't win trophies with 500k transfers. Pedro needs a few quality signings and a decent bench .We cant change games , I do agree his time is running out . Scottish football is a joke from top to bottom
  6. *** The Official Rangers vs Motherwell Match Thread ***

    Alnwick is a better keep than Wes and I like both but Alnwick is braver and a box commander. Pena is a passenger so far get Dalcio on need a bit of magic in the final third.
  7. Big Clint Hill on Rangers

    I give up with you mate your as thick as fuck! No wonder you keep changing your name !
  8. Big Clint Hill on Rangers

    Obviously you dont understand my thinking.Type of overall player forget about the flashy skill
  9. Big Clint Hill on Rangers

    A good honest professional player, knew what it takes, loved giving 100percent. Everything a Rangers player should be. Scored some great goals . Rather a club of players like him than Messi , Rooney , Beckham etc. Hard work , determination and dig will always beat out and out skill . Thanks for effort Clint
  10. Butcher's Son.

    Might be a painful reminder to him that the club he was a captain for is the ONLY British club left that has a genuine love and respect for our armed services and to change the way he looks at us. A nice banner with his sons name ala Lee Rigby style for the cup semi would be well received I think. RIP Sir you gave your all for us
  11. Millers Agent

    I don't think Miller is a leak but I'm pretty sure he has done something else that's really burned Pedro and he hasn't apologised. The mole for the team formation was for sure that taig cunt MOH. Game over for Miller , MOH and it should also be for mini Murray as he has always leaked stuff for the board. Pedro is now getting somewhere with this team as they are more settled.There is no way after all the abuse he has been getting since he arrived here that he will put heat back on himself by changing the team to include a 37 year old or a disloyal taig at another club.
  12. Jorg Albertz

    A true Rangers player ! Loved the club deep down and in his veins.Used to speak to him in Cameron house and seen the tears in his eyes when he was saying goodbye to people.The club was everything to him A genuine decent normal guy from the street that has time for everybody and what a cracking footballer.Probably my favourite Gers player ever Two sublime near identical goals in 2 weeks against the scum
  13. *** The Official Rangers vs Motherwell Match Thread ***

    What about Beerman on the left wing? Played well last season and is pretty direct
  14. When the January window opens...

    I didnt say 6 on 1 player I said 6 as a combined figure for all of them
  15. When the January window opens...

    Aye mate dont know why I thought Thomas. Class player only worth 3 ish now