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  1. Think its a disaster waiting to happen with him. Any cunt that writes for the Rhebel can fucking do one whether ex player etc I dont care. His Ego alone will ruin any chance of this being a good move . Still thinks he is bigger than the club. John Brown can also fuck off ,creepin bastard with the board
  2. I can only like this but can we add a `Love` button. Our PR team should be barring these cunts at the door and that dirty wee boot that asks the scum questions also. Oh I forgot Traynor couldn't upset his ex colleagues and that bridge building cunt dosent have balls either!!
  3. Sadly things are different to what they used to be years ago where you might get a slap or give a guy a doin. People seem to want to take a life with no punishment severe enough. The boy next to him done nothing to help ,standing pulling arms away etc is no use you need to get right in and rip them apart.
  4. I'm sure this will attract another 90 candidates
  5. Certainly no cunt that is involved in writing columns for scum media outlets!!
  6. McCann for me or maybe Numan,Prso ,Laudrup??? Fuck Bomber after all the shite from his mouth over the last while.
  7. I`m sure he will have a pretty good idea already which players are shit and which ones he can mould into something. Also he will have already made moves to players about following him in the door during the transfer time.
  8. God here we go again
  9. Rangers player of the year for me. Perfect attitude and desire for a Rangers player, real captain material pity he is getting on.
  10. I thnk most of the squad will come good under him if he plays 442. Im sure most of them struggled under Warburtons system and man management. At least give themselves a transfer value.
  11. How many would have been REAL Rangers quality? If any?
  12. 80 applicants like Lee McCulloch or Davies or other run of the mill shite ???? is there actually 80 decent Managers around ??
  13. What decent Professional Manager/ DOF is going to look at us when we are being run at the top by unprofessional people and a chairman who is a convicted criminal. After the Warburton fiasco any slim chance we had has gone. I am sure all the English managers are well aware of Warburton's side of the story about King etc. and wouldn't touch us with a barge pole currently.
  14. If he doesn't have his exit visa he wont be leaving Qatar ;-)
  15. A few shiny skyscapers in all the videos, nobody lives in these all government offices. We all live in the dirty backstreets. Its still about 10 years behind Dubai