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  1. Hummel

    Murray and King will think 1 million per year is a great deal for a club like ours and have bitten the hand off Hummel for a 5 year deal!
  2. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    Surely a verbal warning would have been enough for a first time offence?
  3. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    I got suspended in the 90`s for hanging a subcontractors tool bag from the roof of the workshop with a wee note below on a trolley with abuse on it. Go a phone call through the day saying not to return to nightshift that night and I was suspended on full pay until the investigation was complete. Wrote an A4 speel and presented it at the meeting as the only thing I wanted to say, asked anything else by the tarrier works manager and said no. Still got the paper to this day but I got off with it, guy with the tool bag was ragin lol
  4. Twenty years since the little General arrived

    Love the wee man , Love everything he gave us .The football was unreal at times and I was lucky to go and watch it.Some of those players FFS epic. Thanks Dick for the memories
  5. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    Probably add Dorrans to that! Same as McGregor, Miller and Ferguson. Time to rid the ego squad.
  6. Is FDB the right choice?

    I don't want an ex player as a Manager! Prefer an English Manager that's got a decent record and pulls no punches with players either!
  7. Contracted players

    Rather than have Dodoo that dosent hide in a match and throw abuse at the fans.
  8. Contracted players

    Dodoo( pace and skill ) has been decent in the very few times he has been given a chance. Think he is a better option than Windass. Dalcio nor Herrera and Cummins go a chance either with Murty picking his favourites who have continually let us down. Murty is a very poor judge of a player.
  9. Rumours at this stage

    Pedro for sure wasn't weak! He put MOH and Miller in their place
  10. Rumours at this stage

    Saw a thread on here about it yesterday I think. Bad enough having players that have played for the scum but our club should have no cunt that supports them. First place any leak will come from!
  11. Rumours at this stage

    Miller,Halliday and MOH, get them to fuck ! Also that wee tarrier supporter in the youth team.
  12. I mentioned in another thread about the timing of his statement.It was totally unreal doing it before the game
  13. A Decade without the Scottish Cup

    This is disgraceful to be honest! Thought when we won the Championship we would slowly improve.
  14. never a centre half

    Far better than Martin.Cardoso should get a good run now
  15. never a centre half

    McCrorie and big Clint would have done the business this season I have no doubts