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  1. Wonder if Gazza will be the number 8 for 15mins?
  2. The worlds most successful club at fucking our own fans over time and again.Wasnt like this up to the Millenium .
  3. Could have opened the stadium and taken him past the main stand!
  4. What a glittering career , captained the worlds most successful club ( something Messi and Ronaldo etc havent achieved) A Uefa cup winner and Holland internationalist.Won a barrel load of trophies with us.If you graft and want something in life you can get it,God speed Fernando,forever and always one of us x
  5. I wish somebody would teach him no to lean back when taking a shot,fucking criminal at this level and wages to keep skying a shot from in and around the box.
  6. Cant believe it!Greetin,such an inspiration to others,his poor wee lassie.Sleep easy Sir
  7. Dalcio would have been a decent player under a good manager.Played first two games this season and scored already ...watch his stats this season he is only 22
  8. Private party and people filming it for the net 😏😏😏
  9. Grezda is good with a piano 🙂
  10. Not enough quality,say it each transfer window!Still need a few 5-6 million pound signings.....
  11. Thank fuck they kept the scum and Young Boys apart!That would have been priceless 🤣🤣
  12. Hi GB hope your well mate!Keep up the good work.Count me in,start another job abroad in a few weeks so will make sure what you require is covered going forward! All the Best
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